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Molecular Biology Core Facility

Quillen College of Medicine


Bio-Plex MagPix     Bio-rad™

The Bio-Plex MagPix multiplex reader is a compact, robust system for magnetic bead-based immunuoassays. The system allows you to seamlessly transition to xMAP technology and take advantage of the magnetic bead-based workflow.



Bio-Plex Multiplex immunoassays use Luminex magnetic beads for the quantification of biologically relevant targets: assays for inflammation, disease, cancer, cell signaling and growth, apoptosis, toxicity, and more. Choose assays in premade and custom configurations, or develop your own assays for new targets.


NOTE: Compatible assays from other vendors MAY be used. 





 The Bio-Plex Pro Wash Station eliminates manual wash steps from Bio-Plex Assays, making them as easy as ELISAs. The Bio-Plex Pro Wash Station incorporates a magnetic plate carrier for reliable, hands-free wash steps on magnetic bead-based assays. Preset wash programs have been optimized for Bio-Plex Assays. Using the Bio-Plex Pro Wash Station in an assay workflow reduces manual intervention and decreases variability between independent experiments.





 Scheduling must be done IN ADVANCE.  A member of MBCF staff must run QC immediately  prior to run.  Contact us for details.    



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