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Molecular Biology Core Facility

Quillen College of Medicine

Multimode Microplate Reader

Modulus Multimode Microplate Reader

User-friendly operation touch screen control, data download onto USB stick         MMReader

Microplate format - Accepts 96-well plates conforming to the SBS plate standard

3 Detection Modes: Luminescence, Fluorescence, Visible Absorbance

Compatible with most commercially available kits




 Luminescence Module:


- >8 Logs Dynamic Range
- Dual-masking System Reduces Crosstalk
- Very high sensitivity


The Luminescence module is separated from other measurement technologies and positioned directly above the sample well, maximizing light capture for increased sensitivity, with a detection limit of 3 x 10-21 moles Luciferase Detection or 1 x 10-18 moles ATP. The head-on photomultiplier tube has a spectral range of 350-650 nm and automatically adjusts for the optimum reading of bright or dim samples.

Dual auto injectors are available for flash-based luminescence applications or dual-reporter assays. Each injector system has a volume range of 25 - 200 l in 5l increments.


 Fluorescence Module


- Epifluorescent Detection
- Multiple Optical Kits Available
- High Sensitivity

flor. DNA

The Fluorescence module uses powerful wave-length matched, light-emitting PIN photodiodes (LEDs) as excitation sources. The narrow excitation/emission spectrum increases sensitivity and reduces non-specific light leakage. The fluorescence capability has a maximum linear dynamic range of 6 logs and a detection limit of 0.5 fmol/200 l or 1 ppt of fluorescein in a 96-well plate, or 30 pg/well dsDNA with a DNA quantification dye


Fluorescence Module Optical Kit Application Chart
Optical Kit Typical Applications
 UV Optical Kit
Ex: 365 nm
Em: 410 - 460 nm
 DNA Quantification (Hoechst dye)
Enzyme Activity (4-methyl-umbelliferone)
 Blue Optical Kit
Ex: 490 nm
Em: 510 - 570 nm

DNA, RNA & Protein Quantitation
 Protein Labeling (Fluorescein)
Gene Expression (EGFP, rAcGFP)

Green Optical Kit
Ex: 525 nm
Em: 580 - 640 nm
Nucleotide Labeling
Protein Labeling (Rhodamine, Cy3)
Enzyme Activity (Rhodamine)
 Red Optical Kit
Ex: 625 nm
Em: 660 - 720 nm
Nucleotide or Protein Labeling (Cy5)
RNA Quantitation
 AFC Optical Kit
Ex: 405 nm
Em: 495 - 505 nm
Cell Viability Assays
Cytotoxicity Assays
Apoposis Multiplex Assays


Absorbance Module

- Flexible Filter System
- 0-5.0 OD Reading Range
- Single or Dual Wavelengths

Color Assay

The Absorbance module uses a large area photodiode detector to provide highly sensitive measurements covering a wide dynamic range with an accuracy that deviates less than 2%. The channel consists of a white LED with a spectral range of 450-750 nm.

Absorbance Module Filter Application Chart
Wavelength Typical Applications
450 ELISA, QuantiCleave Protease Assay
560 BCA Protein Assays
600 Bradford, Coomassie Blue Protein Assays
PeroXOquant Quantitative Peroxide Assay
750 Lowry Protein Assay

 Fees and Requirements:

Must be trained by a member of MBCF staff prior to use.  










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