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Molecular Biology Core Facility

Quillen College of Medicine


Automated Liquid Handling (Robotics)

Virtually any liquid handling procedure (pipetting, diluting, dispensing) can be automated with the Core Facility's Eppendorf EPMotion 5070 robot.  It is quick and easy to use - simply chose one of the numerous available protocols and it will automatically perform the task, saving valuable time and increasing your laboratory's productivity. Its pipetting accuracy and reproducibility rival that of a technical expert, but for certain protocols it can be > 10x FASTER. In short, the robot is designed to act as an efficient helper, freeing up the lab personnel to accomplish more challenging experiments, thus increasing overall laboratory productivity.

Available Automated Assays

 -Molecular Biology:  QPCR plate setup, DNA sequencing, removal of dye terminators. Eppendorf

 -Immunology:  ELISA, RIA, EIA

 -Biochemistry:  protein assays, enzyme assays, sample quantification and normalization.

Additional assay protocols can be downloaded or designed for your specific needs.

Fees and Requirements:

 To use the robot:

  • You must be trained by a member of the MBCF staff
  • To schedule training: Contact us at (423) 439-8096 or via email at .

 Equipment use fee:

  • Full Plate           $20
  • Half Plate           $12
  • Eppendorf Tips    $18/box
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