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Molecular Biology Core Facility

Quillen College of Medicine


Wes  A Simple Western by size is an automated Western—no gels, no transfer devices, no blots, no film and no manual analysis. Just load your samples in Wes and press start—it's a complete, walk-away solution for protein separation and detection.


  • Automate all steps automatically including sample loading, size-based protein separation, washing, detection and data analysis.
  • Variability in the manual processes that used to impact reproducibility, quantitation, time to result and overall data reliability is eliminated.
  • Transition is simple—the same antibodies used for Western blotting protocols can be used with Simple Western assays.
  • Separate and detect proteins as small as 2 kDa or as large as 440 kDa in only 3 hours.

  Several instructional and informational guides for the Protein Simple™ Wes can be found online. 

               Contact the MBCF for ordering, reservations, and user fee.    



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