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Molecular Biology Core Facility

Quillen College of Medicine

Supplies / Ordering

The Core Facility has negotiated discounts with the following vendors:      


  • Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)
  • Bio-Rad
  • ThermoFisher
  • *Qiagen


You may either come to the MBCF and fill out a "Reagent Request" Form or email your order to us at . Provide your PI and contact information. We will place the order for you and will bill your account directly. 


IDT: High quality oligonucleotides at very competitive prices, no shipping charges. We strongly recommend that the oligonucleotide sequences are emailed to us. We also keep Ready-made Oligo d(T), Anchored Oligo d(T), and Random Hexamers in stock.

Bio-Rad: All products are discounted 5% for any item up to $2500. No shipping, handling, or dry ice charges

ThermoFisher: No shipping or dry ice charges when ordered through the Core Facility

*Qiagen:  Contact Core Facility for Agreement Code to receive 5% off all orders; no shipping for orders                              >$500.00.
                -Orders to Qiagen are to be placed through your department.


Bio-Rad Protein Ladders         IN STOCK:             Significant discounts     

Precision Plus Protein All Blue Standards, 161-0373

Precision Plus Dual Color Standards, 161-0374

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