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Mass Spectrometry

Quillen College of Medicine

Forms and Fees

Basic services are listed below.

If you need other MS-related services,  contact us

Read and follow our sample submission procedure before submitting your sample.

Protein digestion MUST be performed at our lab (we will let your personnel use our facility under our supervision if you want to "do it yourself"). No already digested samples will be accepted by mail.

Fee Schedule (Prices subject to change)


LC-MS/MS analysis

Thermo .RAW data file conversion

Protein reduction/alkylation, trypsin digestion, zip tip clean-up, nanospray-LC-MS/MS analysis (LTQ XL ion trap)

 Provide .mgf (~2 MB) and/or .mzML (~40 MB) file of raw data

Coomassie blue-stained gel spots or bands or membrane or purified protein in solution

$100.00/ sample


(1D gel separation)


Proteins separation by 1D-SDS-PAGE with Coomassie staining. 

Proteins in a complex mixture (lysates, plasma, chromatogr. fractions, etc.)
2D gel separation (2D-GE)
Proteins separation by2D-gel electrophoresis (using ZOOM Benchtop Proteomics System) with Coomassiestaining.
Proteins in a complex mixture

$150 firstgel,$100each additional gel


Gel image analysis
Gel imaging and quantitative analysis of 2D gels using Dymension 2D gel software
 2D-GE images
$100 first gel, $50 each additional gel


Consultation on identifying 
in silico
 protein structure and protein-ligand docking
Tutorials on various docking software for drug discovery
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