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Osteoporosis Center

Quillen College of Medicine

Referral Information

Please utilize the order form provided here.

At the Osteoporosis Center, our goal is to work together with patients' primary health care providers to manage osteoporosis and work toward better bone health. We strive to work with referring providers to meet individual needs and provide the best possible care for every patient.

Referring health care professionals receive reports on patient scans and consultations. We are happy to provide a copy of the scan at the referring provider's request. Likewise, health care professionals may refer patients to Dr. Hamdy for consultation only or transfer of care.

If you are ordering a scan:

  • Please send copies of previous DXA scans if you have them.
  • Please provide an appropriate, documented diagnosis code (NOT a rule-out code). If the patient has not yet been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia, please select a documented sign or symptom (such as postmenopausal state, currently using steroids 5 mg or more per day, vertebral compression fracture, etc.). This is very important in order to ensure your patient does not end up paying for the DXA scan out of pocket (a $320 value). 
  • DXA scans are now grouped under "Scan and Interpretation" and "Body Composition and Interpretation." We can no longer offer Management Suggestions without an additional doctor visit.
  • Please note that Medicare does not pay for just "screenings" without an additional diagnosis code. If there are questions about Medicare-reimbursed diagnosis codes, please feel free to call our office. 
  • Please note: Medicare will only reimburse a scan every two years except in cases of high-risk medication use, including steroids (V58.65, V58.69).

If you are referring a patient to Dr. Hamdy for a consult:

  • For consultation or management of care, please send any labs done in the last 6 months, as well as any previous DXA scan results you have.
  • The two options for referral to Dr. Hamdy are separated into "Consult Only" and "Office Visit."
    • For Consults, Dr. Hamdy will see the patient, order a DXA scan (if needed) and any necessary labs, and then provide recommendations for treatment. This is the only option available for patients experiencing memory loss or dementia symptoms.
    • For Office Visits, Dr. Hamdy will assume care for the patient's bone health only, including treatment and follow ups for bone health.


If you have any questions, please call us at 423.439.8830.



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