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Osteoporosis Center

Quillen College of Medicine


DXA Technologist

Diane Hyder is the DXA Technician at the Osteoporosis Center. She started that position in September 2016. She has been a Registered Radiologic Technologist siunce 1983 and has worked in the radiology field since that time.  She has completed the Principles of Bone Densitometry Course and will be taking the Tennessee State License Test for Bone Densitometry in November 2016.  She has received training and is a qualified operator of trhe Hologic QDR 4500C DXA Machine.

In her role as DXA Technician, Ms Hyder is responsible for performing the bone density scans and Precision Scans for ISCD.  In addition she is responsible for performing quality assurance checks on the DXA Machine, maintaining monthly radiation badges, and corresponding with with local and state radiation safety officers. Ms Hyder is  responsible for calculating patient fracture risks and educating patients and the public about osteoporosis.  She works closely with the front office staff in scheduling patient scans.


Patient Coordinator

Tracey Kirk joined the ETSU staff in May 2014.  She has an Associate Degree in Nursing with 30 years nursing experience, liaison for educating patients and the public about osteoporosis.  She also is a qualified and experienced operator of the Hologic QDR 4500C DXA Machine, she recently completed her Principles of Bone Densitometry and will take her state exam in November 2016.  Also has been managing editor for the Journal of Clinical Densitometry. 



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