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Transition Readiness Assessment Questionnaire

Department of Pediatrics

Questions / Scale

The Transition Readiness Assessment Questionnaire contains a series of questions in which the youth is asked to describe their ability level in various skill areas related to their health and health care, using the following scale:

  • No, I do not know how
  • No, but I want to learn
  • No, but I am learning to do this
  • Yes, I have started doing this
  • Yes, I always do this when I need to

The following questions are found in version 5.0 of the Transition Readiness Assessment Questionnaire:

Managing Medications

      1. Do you fill a prescription if you need to?
      2. Do you know what to do if you are having a bad reaction to your medications?
      3. Do you take medications correctly and on your own?
      4. Do you reorder medications before they run out?

Appointment Keeping

      1. Do you call the doctor’s office to make an appointment?
      2. Do you follow-up on any referral for tests or check-ups or labs?
      3. Do you arrange for your ride to medical appointments?
      4. Do you call the doctor about unusual changes in your health (For example: Allergic reactions)?
      5. Do you apply for health insurance if you lose your current coverage?
      6. Do you know what your health insurance covers?
      7. Do you manage your money & budget household expenses (For example: use checking/debit card)?

Tracking Health Issues

      1. Do you fill out the medical history form, including a list of your allergies?
      2. Do you keep a calendar or list of medical and other appointments?
      3. Do you make a list of questions before the doctor’s visit?
      4. Do you get financial help with school or work?

Talking with Providers

      1. Do you tell the doctor or nurse what you are feeling?
      2. Do you answer questions that are asked by the doctor, nurse or clinic staff?

Managing Daily Activities

    1. Do you help plan or prepare meals/food?
    2. Do you keep home/room clean or clean-up after meals?
    3. Do you use neighborhood stores and services (For example: Grocery stores and pharmacy stores)?

Scoring Algorithms

The TRAQ scores produced include an overall score and a subscale score for each of the five subscales. The overall score and the subscale scores are calculated simply by taking the average score across the items in the questionnaire (or subscale). Each item is scored 1-5, with 1 being assigned for responses of “No, I do not know how” and a score of 5 assigned for responses of “Yes, I always do this when I need to.”

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