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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Quillen College of Medicine

Medical Students

Since the time of Ramn y Cajal, neuroscience has strived to discover the intricacies of the brain and its component structures. Psychiatry is deeply involved with developing an understanding of how human behavior is affected by the workings of the brain. Our understanding of psychopathology is now becoming sharper with the emergence of new and sophisticated technologies in a better understanding of human behavior.

Many areas of medicine are filled with discoveries of the past that have revealed details of pathology. Our field has become more scientifically based in contrast to its earlier years, where learning was based on theoretical constructs. Of all the fields of medicine, Psychiatry is experiencing exciting periods of growth and is poised to achieve the greatest advancements in knowledge. With rapid changes in neuroimaging, electrophysiology, and computer technologies, our understanding of the networks involved with behavior and the pathological changes that take place will take a dramatic turn.

At ETSU Department of Psychiatry, we are interested in promoting a deeper understanding of psychopathology. We are actively involved in teaching, practical learning, and research, and we strongly encourage medical students who are interested in the field of Psychiatry to contact us with any questions about the field. Our residents and faculty are friendly, easy to approach, and more than happy to help you gain a better understanding of this specialty.

If you are an ETSU medical student and would like to do a selective/elective in Psychiatry (Child/Adolescent; Consult/Liaison; Outpatient services) please contact Wanda Young, medical education coordinator. For medical students from other institutions who would like to arrange for a clinical clerkship please contact Wanda Young. 


Wanda Young Office Phone:  (423) 439-2244  


We look forward to the opportunity of helping you explore your interest.

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