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Student Affairs

Alissa Hinkle

 Franchesca Robichaud

Alissa Hinkle
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Why Quillen

The first aspect about Quillen that piqued my interest in the school was the staff. They genuinely care about their students and do everything they can to help us succeed. The second was the option to focus on community health through the Rural Primary Track Program.

Being a Student at Quillen

The best thing about student life at Quillen is the family atmosphere. Because of our small class size, I have gotten to know my classmates and consider them to be family. We are all in this together and I have never felt like I was in competition with anyone. Another great thing has been recent opening of our new Student Study Center. It's nice to have a place to go when I need to study or when I just need a break. It has more than enough study rooms, a full kitchen, a living room area, and a fire place.

Life Outside The Classroom
Johnson City may be a smaller city compared to other places but there is still plenty to do here, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities. There are multitudes of hiking trails, rock climbing locations, places to go fishing, and of course there is a large gym called the Center for Physical Activity on ETSU's Main Campus that we have access to as well. Johnson City also has its fair share of good music, the occasional local festival, and some good restaurants that are open late. Those are really great if you're studying late and need a snack.

Juggling School and Family
Good time management skills are essential. This is a busy lifestyle. It takes being intentional with your time so you can make spending time with family a priority. Some people treat school as a job and study until about five or six and then go home. Others find it easier for them to get caught up on the weekends. You just have to find whatever schedule that best fits your family life.

Words of Wisdom

No matter where you go to medical school, you will still be a doctor at the end of four years. So it is crucial when choosing a school that you look for one that is the best fit for you. Take a tour, talk to the staff, talk to the students, and do as much as you can do to find out what everyday life at the school is like. This is the most important question you should be asking yourself: with all this school has to offer, can I see myself being happy spending four years here?

Rural Primary Care Track

Elizabethton, TN

Undergraduate School and Major

Specialty/Career Plans
I would love to work in a small community but I have not picked a specialty yet.

Extracurricular Activities
Spending time with family, hiking, rock climbing, painting, FMIG- community outreach programs, Southern Appalachian Ronald McDonald House Weekend Manager

Marital Status

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