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Quillen College of Medicine Admissions

Student Affairs

Amber Thompson


Program M.D. Generalist Track

Hometown Arlington, TN

Undergraduate School and Major UT Martin, B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology with a minor in Spanish

Specialty/ Career Plans Im trying to be open-minded, but Im interested in Pediatrics and Family Medicine (both in hospital setting)

Extracurricular Activities Church, occasionally exercise, read leisure books, and watch Netflix

Marital Status Single


Amber Thompson

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Why Quillen
I visited QCOMs campus twice before I applied. I felt at home during each visit because Quillen is such a family oriented school. Everyone was so hospitable and nice (in a good and honest way). I had other interviews at different schools, and during each one, I felt like a guest. During my Quillen interview, I honestly felt at home. I was laughing, joking, and talking with the other candidates, faculty, and staff.  When I had questions during my visits, the staff went above and beyond to find out the answers. Also, the mountains are so beautiful and peaceful. Ultimately, I prayed about my choice, and eventually I was led to QCOM.  I chose Quillen, and Quillen chose me.

Being a Quillen Student
Once I started school, I soon found out how AMAZING the faculty and staff are. They always encourage us, they leave little encouragement notes and goodies in our school mailboxes, and they always go out of their way to help the students. Many schools will tell you that each student is a person and not a number; however, many schools lie. Trust me!!! You will be treated as a person!!! Most of the faculty and staff know our names, and they sometimes know where we are from. (Quite impressive!)

Quillen focuses on mental health hygiene, so we have a wonderful Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Phil Steffey. You can go talk with Phil for FREE!! He's a great listener. Also, there may be a little competitiveness among students (we are medical students), but in general, I would consider Quillen to have an environment that fosters camaraderie.

Prior Life
I graduated in the Fall of 2014, so I had a gap semester before medical school started. During this time, I worked as a medical scribe for my mentor. Besides work, I made sure I spent quality time with my family and friends.

Living in Northeast TN
I am from the suburbs of Memphis, TN which is basically another state away. The scenery here is definitely different from the corn fields, congested traffic, and skyscrapers from back home. I absolutely love looking at the mountains during any season. I really love watching the color changes of the mountains during fall and winter.

Words of Wisdom
Please, please don't choose a medical school based on its prestige! Yes, the quality of medical education is very important, but make sure you will be happy at the school. Medical school is extremely stressful, so it helps to go to a school that you honestly love. When you do start school (wherever you attend), be sure to get involved and connected with classmates, faculty, staff, and your community.

As you progress through school and become a physician, please be humble. Don't be one of those doctors who no one likes because he or she is conceited.  Everyone has a meaningful purpose on this earth, so treat people with respect. Lastly, always remember why you wanted to become a doctor to honestly help people.


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