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Quillen College of Medicine Admissions

Student Affairs

Taylor Cox

Taylor Cox

Program Rural Primary Care Track

Hometown Corryton, TN (near Knoxville, TN)

Undergraduate School and Major The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Chemistry major with Spanish minor

Specialty / Career Plans Primary care specialties, Preventive Medicine or PM&R

Extracurricular Activities Reading an eclectic mix of books, playing Goldeneye on my N64, trying out Johnson City coffee shops/breweries or doing anything that’ll lead to a good conversation

Marital Status Single

Taylor Cox

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Why Quillen
When I completed my interview day at Quillen, I honestly just had a gut feeling that this was the place for me to attend medical school. It took me a little while to put my finger on why I had that gut feeling, but it had a lot to do with the environment surrounding the school. Growing up in a small town and having worked for a small non-profit, I found that I thrive in smaller environments so Quillen’s class size was a significant asset to me. The small size allowed me to begin building relationships early on and get to know most members of my class unlike some of my friends who attend larger medical schools. I also felt like Quillen really focuses on selecting students who will go out and serve. This shared mission amongst the students creates an environment where strong relationships are built, and these relationships have helped me manage the stresses that go along with my medical education. If service and small, tight-knit environments appeal to you then Quillen is the place to be.

Life Outside the Classroom
Believe it or not, you can still have a life while you’re in medical school! In fact, my life has been enriched by the relationships I have built at Quillen. If you like studying in a group then you’ll find a group to study with and become really close to them through the many hours you’ll spend looking at histology slides and physiology notes together. You will also be able to make time to enjoy Johnson City. There are a lot of great coffee shops and watering holes around town if you’re interested in either. Johnson City is also large enough to offer many of the amenities you’ve come to expect. There are a fair number of nice restaurants downtown, and if your class is anything like ours, many of your classmates will plan parties, movie nights, dinner parties, etc. to help you get some me time. Personally, I’m not particularly into sports or exercise, but a lot of my classmates really enjoy the outdoor spaces available to them such as the Tweetsie Trail, the lake and the multitude of hiking spots nearby.

Living in Northeast Tennessee
I was personally a little wary about living in Johnson City. I attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and had lived in Chicago so I was accustomed to a larger city with more amenities, but honestly, I am really starting to enjoy Johnson City. As a student, there are a lot of benefits, especially the cost of living. You will be able to live comfortably here for a lot less than you would in larger metropolitan areas. You will also begin to discover a lot of hidden gems the longer you live here. There are lots of great restaurants in the area, and you’ll begin to feel more like a local the longer you live here. The one thing I miss the most is that Johnson City is not a particularly walkable city, and public transit here is essentially nonexistent. There are some neighborhoods more amenable to walking and biking. If you’re interested in some hidden restaurant recommendations or learning about different neighborhoods in town, please contact me, and I’ll try to give you some advice!

Prior Life
I grew up in a relatively small town just north of Knoxville and attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville where I studied Chemistry and Spanish. After working in a research lab, I realized that bench research was not my gig and started thinking more about medical school. After graduating from UTK, I served as an AmeriCorps Health Promoter in Chicago where I taught mainly sexual health and oral health classes.

Words of Wisdom
One of the most amazing parts of this journey so far has been the friendships that I have developed. Here at Quillen you’ll find intelligent, witty and passionate individuals that will help you grow as a person and make your journey through medical school all the more rewarding and enjoyable.

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