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Quillen College of Medicine Admissions

Student Affairs

Gorica Svalina

 Gorica Svalina

Program M.D. Generalist

Hometown  Johnson City, TN

Undergraduate School and Major ETSU, Health Sciences - Concentration in Microbiology

Specialty / Career Plans Undecided

Extracurricular Activities Travel, photography, reading, hiking

Marital Status Married

Dr. Gorica Svalina, Internal Medicine
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Why Quillen?

Having spent half of my life in Johnson City, Ive been surrounded by the Quillen family - from having my own family taken care of by the Quillen faculty, residents, and medical students at the doctors office to seeing the impact of Quillens involvement and health promotion at the local community center. This made it a very easy decision for me. One step onto the Quillen campus, students quickly recognize the goal of QCOMs faculty and staff is to mold us into caring, compassionate physicians. 

Being a Quillen Student

You are part of the Quillen family. The faculty and staff are beyond compare and truly care about you and your success, not only as a student but as a person. It is clear from the beginning that each student is an integral and valuable part of the college. I have also found that the admissions committee selects passionate and diverse students, ensuring unity within each class. This contributes to building lasting friendships and a support network that enable each student to reach their peak potential. It is common for incoming medical students to believe medical school is going to be a daunting task, but through my experience as a QCOM student, Ive found this to be completely untrue. The Quillen staff, faculty, and classmates create an environment of community, cooperation, and friendship that makes these four years some of the most enjoyable.

Juggling School and Family

Since my family lives in town, it was more economical for me to stay with them rather than get my own place. Though this has its benefits, it also poses a challenge in balancing family life with studying and school. For a smoother transition into med school life, open communication with family, significant others and friends is key. Their understanding and support of your time allocated towards studying is immeasurable help in this. 

Living in Northeast Tennessee

The schools location cant be beat; within half an hour, you can be hiking the Appalachian Trail, enjoying the small-town charm of Historic Jonesborough, or attending a music festival in Bristol with over 50,000 other people. You will definitely get to enjoy the slower southern lifestyle and hospitality mixed with some big-town perks. The college of medicine is located on a beautiful Veterans Affairs campus that truly provides the perfect calming environment for hard-working medical students. Its not uncommon to see walkers, bikers, runners or a flock of geese make their way through campus on your way to and from school. 

Words of Wisdom   

It is very easy to forget about your other passions and interests when trying to divide time between studying, family, and other important commitments; take time out of each day or week to do the things you love. You will likely hear that medical school changes a person (with a negative connotation), but this only happens if you let it. Continue cultivating the person you are; yes, this takes time away from studying, but inner peace is just as important, if not more, as studying and building your CV to being a successful medical student and future physician.

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