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Quillen College of Medicine Admissions

Student Affairs

Himesh Zaver


Program M.D. Generalist Track- Interprofessional Educational Pilot Program

Hometown Clarksville, TN

Undergraduate School and Major Belmont University- Nashville, TN- Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Specialty / Career Plans Undecided

Extracurricular Activities Being a big brother, Soccer, Sports, Hiking, Cooking, Community Service

Marital Status Single


Himesh Zaver

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Why Quillen

My family has had the biggest impact on my life and who I am as a person today. My goal in choosing a medical school was to choose an additional family. Quillen has offered an environment where I not only learn, but also has given me an additional family, my Quillen family. In my time here, everyone has referred to me by name, knows my interests, hobbies, and goals in life. By knowing these things Quillen has created a personalized experience with their sole interest being my well-being, my familys well-being, and producing the most patient-centered physicians around. 

Being a Quillen Student

Being a Quillen student has been everything I expected and more. Most of all it is fun! I cannot convey into words the care, support, and comfort my Quillen family (classmates, faculty, and staff) has provided me since coming here. Being a Quillen student is very much like being a member of team in any sport you grew up playing as a kid. We all look out for each other and all have the common goal of becoming physicians, together, as a team. Not a day goes by where someone doesn't offer help, insight, or an opportunity for you to get better not only as a student but as a person as well.

Life Outside the Classroom

I want to say there is life outside the four walls of a library or hospital! Class is structured for you to have a life outside of medical school.  At Quillen the family atmosphere sets up many opportunities for you to spend time with your classmates, their families, and your family too! In my time here we consistently do intramurals together, go out and eat together, and explore the natural beauty of Appalachia here in Northeast Tennessee. I would like to say that Quillen really focuses on growth not only as a future physician but you as a person as well.

Prior Life

I attended school at Belmont University where I was a student-athlete (soccer). My area of focus was Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. In my time at Belmont, I was able to serve my community by volunteering my time at the Boys & Girls Club of Nashville, be a leader by serving my time as President of Alpha Epsilon Delta- Pre-Health Honor Society, and conduct ongoing research at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. My time at Belmont groomed me into being a life-long learner and has set me on the right path to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor here at Quillen.

Words of Wisdom

Teamwork. If you are considering Quillen you are obviously someone who is gifted and special. My biggest advice is to help as many people along the way as possible. In entering the field of healthcare you are joining a team whose common goal is to help people. Being an individual that someone can trust, lean on, and seek for guidance will not only get you through medical school, but in life as well. 

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