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Quillen College of Medicine Admissions

Student Affairs

Ima Chinedozi

 Jason Fleenor

Program MD/MPH and Rural Primary Care Track

Hometown  Jamestown, TN

Undergraduate School and Major ETSU, B.S. in Microbiology.

Specialty / Career Plans  Pediatric Infectious Disease; International Medicine.

Extracurricular Activities I love to work out, play rugby whenever possible, and Bible study.

Marital Status Married

Dr. Ima Chinedozi, Anesthesiology
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Why Quillen  

The primary reason I chose Quillen is because of the great programs that this school offers. I'm interested in international medicine later in my career as a medical doctor, and having the opportunity to obtain an additional degree in public health while pursuing my medical degree was important to me. Also, the Rural Primary Care Track would also give the experience I need in order to practice in a rural care setting whether it's in the Tennessee countryside or in a remote village in India. Lastly, the Quillen community is so supportive and encouraging I knew it would be the type of environment I could spend the next four years of my life. Medical school can be stressful and knowing that my professors and administrative staff truly care about my success just brightens my day.

Being a Quillen Student   

When you become a Quillen student, it's almost as if you're joining a new family. The teachers are so caring and understanding. All my teachers have been willing to meet up with me for extra help. My classmates are always sharing information to help in studying which is a lifesaver. With this type of great support system and awesome classmates, my medical experience has been a lot less stressful than what I imagined it would be. 

Juggling School and Family

My first semester was pretty challenging in balancing family and school. Ironically, my issue was not in receiving support from my family and fiancé, my problem was in letting go of some of the responsibilities that I was accustomed to taking care of. However, after letting go and giving over some responsibility, I'm in a much better and less stressed place in my life. So it's important to come to an agreement with your family how much of your time will have to be devoted to school and don't forget to uphold your end as well. But don't make the mistake of forgetting them. They were there before medical school and will be there after you finish. Including family time to your schedule like any other activity will be important in maintaining these meaningful relationships. Medical school does not have to destroy relationships, but with understanding, compromise, and planning, it can help to build upon already strong relationships.

Life Outside the Classroom

There is quite a bit to do in the area from skiing to hiking. But whatever your interest is just make sure you plug into SOMETHING. Having a life outside of the classroom will help recharge you for that next big study session, and it keeps you sane. I enjoy working out and playing rugby so I get to blow off some steam and my teammates give me added support and encouragement for my medical career which is always appreciated. And my Bible studies keep me grounded and remind me that I'm able to accomplish whatever I set my mind and heart to.

Words of Wisdom   

Make learning as much as you can while in medical school your most important priority. It will pay off in the long run. I'm used to being extremely involved in activities in whatever environment I'm in, but I had to learn to say no. It's really important to understand that focusing on doing as well as you can in your education will add to your knowledge as a medical doctor over participating in all the interest groups and research opportunities. Do be involved but use discretion and ask yourself if the time and effort you are committing to an activity worth it. Also, learn to relax and not stress over the small details. There is a high likelihood that you will make below than expected on a quiz or an exam. But to stress out and beat yourself up about it will only make you do worse on subsequent tests and quizzes.

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