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Quillen College of Medicine Admissions

Student Affairs

Joshua Wienczkowski

 Joshua Wienczkowski

Program M.D. Generalist Track

Hometown  Grand Rapids, Michigan

Undergraduate School and Major Middle Tennessee State University, Biology and Physiology

Specialty / Career Plans Very interested in something surgical.

Extracurricular Activities Brewing beer, hiking and travel, songwriting, running, and playing with my nieces and nephew.

Marital Status Single

Dr. Joshua Wienczkowski, Family Medicine
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Why Quillen?

I chose Quillen because I didn't feel I had a choice in the matter; I applied to 14 schools with 13 backups. I was initially drawn in because of how passionate admissions were (and still are) about their school; secondly, because of how eager students were to mentor me; thirdly, because of how highly physicians spoke of Quillen graduates. I also wanted a place that would support my passions outside of medicine while mentoring me in the evolution from student to physician. 

Being a Quillen Student

I grew up as the youngest of 4 boys. There was always something to do, somewhere to go, and boredom wasn't familiar in our house. At Quillen, I've gained a few more brothers and sisters, the house is a little bigger, and conversation has evolved a little, but it's just like being in a big family. We work hard together, but play hard and support each other through the tough times as well as celebrate the triumphs and victories. Being a Quillen student, to me, is one of the best decisions I've made. 

Life Outside the Classroom

Rule number one in medicine: do unto yourself what you'd like thine patients to do. In other words, take care of yourself! Yes, medical school is demanding, but if I didn't go running, explore the wilderness of East Tennessee, brew beer, plan dates, or play guitar, I would lose my mind! Life is about balance regardless of what you do professionally, and learning to master this is crucial to success, especially in medical school. When I find myself feeling burned out, it's almost always because I've lost a little bit of focus on my life outside of the classroom. 

Prior Life

I started playing guitar and writing songs somewhere in middle school. A few years later, and I was in a pop/rock band that signed a record deal a month after graduating high school. From there, I worked in several different facets of the music and entertainment industry, ultimately leading me to songwriting and music production on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee. It took several years of working in the industry to fully realize the root of my passion in music was to help people, ultimately leading me to medicine as the best vessel. It's been a crazy ride, and I'm happy to talk about it further if you have questions.

Words of Wisdom   

Go chase a few dreams, find some success, and fall flat on your face a few times. I think building the tenacity to get knocked down, pick yourself backup, look life right in the eye, and jump back on is a learned skill well-suited for medicine. With this being said, whenever a crazy idea or feeling pulls on my heart strings, I ask the singular question, "On my deathbed, would I regret not doing this?" 

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