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College of Public Health

In 2012, the dean created the Diversity and Social Justice Workgroup and charged it with conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the college diversity-related measures in preparation for the 2004-19 strategic planning cycle.  The workgroup included a diverse and representative cross-section of college faculty, staff and students.  K. Ervin, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, chaired the workgroup.  Faculty members included: A. Alamian, E. Onyango, C. Pritchett, and L. Wang.  Staff members included R. Carter and G. Kidwell.  Student members included B. Brooks, C. Florence, and B. OConnell.

The dean charged the workgroup to respond to three questions: 1) What policies and plans should we adopt to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse faculty, staff and student body? 2) What policies and plans should we adopt to maintain curricula that build competency in diversity and culture? 3) How do we integrate social justice/ethics learning objectives, related to course content, across the curriculum?  After a series of workgroup meetings and discussions with university administrators and other stakeholders, the workgroup submitted its preliminary report to the dean in December 2012.  In early 2013, the workgroup presented its recommendations to the college Leadership Council and at the college-wide faculty and staff meeting and sought feedback.  The workgroup chair integrated the feedback into the preliminary report and submitted the final document to the dean in spring 2013.

The workgroup recommendations have been incorporated into the college 2014-19 Strategic Diversity Plan.  The 2014-19 plan articulates a monitoring and feedback loop for each diversity-related measure  It includes the position responsible for tracking the measure, the data source, and the frequency of monitoring.  The college will continue to evaluate those measures at least annually. The Diversity and Social Justice Workgroup, now a standing committee of the college, is responsible for monitoring the diversity plan, including outcome data, with support of the associate dean for quality and planning and the Assessment and Evaluation Committee.  The Diversity and Social Justice Committee will communicate the diversity-related outcome data every year to the college stakeholders, including the Leadership Council, faculty, staff, students, and external stakeholders.  The committee is also responsible for assessing the continued relevance of the diversity plan and will put proposed modifications to the plan forward for consideration by the Leadership Council. 

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