Public Health Field Experience

From the Field

Your field experience is a time to put the knowledge you've gained in your coursework into practice.  More information is found in each section below. 

Undergraduate Field Experience

The field experience is the culminating course in your quest for a B.S. Public Heath degree and is intended to challenge you to practically observe and apply the knowledge and skills presented in your previous courses. This opportunity is made possible through the cooperative efforts of the university, the College of Public Health and a broad array of public and private health organizations.  Additional information and forms may be obtained by clicking on the Undergraduate banner.  

Graduate Field Experience


The purpose of the graduate Public Health Field Experience is to provide an opportunity for you to "road test" in a practice setting, the competencies, knowledge and skills you have acquired through your public health courses. For this reason, the field experience serves as the culmination of your studies and occurs after all course requirements are complete. This integrative and practice-based learning experience is designed to better prepare you to competently enter the workforce or to pursue further education.  Additional courses are not to be taken during the field experience semester.


Field Experience Preceptors

A guiding principle of the College of Public Health at East Tennessee State University is to establish and nurture learning opportunities with respected regional, national and international public health and health service organizations and professionals.  We are proud that you and your organization have become an affiliate of the College of Public Health at East Tennessee State University!  You will find additional information and resources by clicking on the Preceptors banner above designed to help you plan, administer and evaluate the public health field internship experience.

International Field Experience


The Public Health International Field Experience program is available to College of Public Health undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students who have met all the academic requirements to enroll in one of the Public Health Field Experience/Practicum course, have met cumulative GPA or 3.5 (graduate) or 3.0 (undergraduate), have completed the proper applications, and have at least one other student traveling to the same destination.  Click on the International banner above for more information.

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