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The Center for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment

College of Public Health

Outreach and Education

Workplace prevention program could help combat substance abuse

East Tennessee State University is working with area leaders and businesses to combat and prevent substance abuse through a workplace prevention program.

Angela Hagaman, the director of operations for the ETSU Center for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Team Awareness, said it is clear northeast Tennessee needs more help combating the opioid epidemic. "We all know that we're having a terrible time with this epidemic in our region and in our state," Hagaman said. "Employers keep coming to their elected officials, talking about the difficulty in having a vaible workforce."

But she believes and evidence-based prevention program called Team Awareness could help change the tide. The program teaches people about stress management and how to talk to and encourage co-workers to get help before potential problems start.

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Angie Hagaman

Carter County Drug Prevention

Carter County Drug Prevention

Elizabethton, Tennessee

Carter County Drug Prevention is an anti-drug coalition designed to bring together diverse organizations, factions or constituencies who agree to work together to achieve a common goal.


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