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College of Public Health

Kristy TurnerWelcome from the Graduate President of the Public Health Student Association


Jacy Weems

Welcome from the Undergraduate President of the Public Health Student Association

My name is Jacy Weems and I am the 2014-2015 undergraduate president of the Public Health Student Association (PHSA). PHSA is an incredible student organization designed to allow students to develop their professional skills and relationships, to build up our local community through volunteer opportunities, and provide open communication between students and faculty on public health interests.

Growing up in a small town like Greeneville, Tennessee gave me big dreams for the future. I am beginning my senior year at ETSU majoring in Public Health with a concentration in Healthcare Administration and a minor in Philosophy. The College of Public Health has allowed me to advance my education according to my own interests through its vastly inclusive curriculum: epidemiology, health policy, healthcare systems, and addressing health inequalities on a global scale.

The College of Public Health has done more than give me the essential tools I will need to succeed in any health profession.  This college provides a support system throughout your entire academic career to help you succeed in your passion to change the world, however you choose to do so. The faculty are genuinely passionate in their subjects and are humble leaders in their field. Through small class sizes, I have received career guidance that has helped me immensely towards my goals in life. While everyone has a complex set of goals or interests, students and faculty all collaborate together through numerous organizations, like PHSA, to solve a variety of public health problems. I have worked in various leadership positions, collaborated in a huge grant-writing process, and have gained immeasurable inspiration from all the colorfully passionate students filling the hallways each day. It has been an honor to be enrolled in this college and I praise all who enter and leave Lamb Hall.

Anyone who becomes a member in the College of Public Health will receive a world-class education to be rivaled anywhere in the country. Participating in student organizations, academic conferences, and other professional development activities allows students to market themselves and enhance their potential for future careers before they even graduate. More than anything, the college itself is a comprehensive unit that feels like a family rather than an institution. If you are interested in Public Health or have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to contact me at .

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