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Dental Hygiene Program

College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences

How to Apply

Requirements for considerations of an applicant are as follows:

  • Graduation from high school. Note that students are no longer accepted into this program immediately after high school.

  • Acceptance to the university

  • College transcripts. Please send an unofficial transcript when applying to the program. Official transcripts will need to be submitted to the Admissions office as part of the university application process. .

  • Personal interview with the Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee. Note that personal interviews are set up after applications are screened. Only the most competitive applicants will be contacted for an interview.

  • Completed dental hygiene application form

  • Completed application and all admission materials received by March 1. Please submit application materials to the program no earlier than November and no later than March 1 for consideration for admission for the following fall semester. If you are taking a health science class during the spring semester when you apply to the program, it is best to apply in January or February so the admissions committee knows you are taking your last health science course. Your mid-term grades will then be evaluated for that course.

Application considerations that enhance acceptance into the program include:

  • Overall GPA (the overall GPA for entering classes is typically 3.4 or better)

  • Health Science GPA (A&P I & II, Micro, Chemistry)  (the overall health science GPA for most classes is typically a 3.5 or better)

  • Dental office experience

  • Having completed all required health sciences (or at least be enrolled in last one) by the spring semester prior to entering the program.

StudentOne class is admitted each fall semester. Students are required to attend five consecutive semesters to complete the dental hygiene curriculum. Admission is determined by the Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee. Each applicant is evaluated on the basis of academic preparation and record.

The scope of practice for Tennessee dental hygienists can be found at Tennessee Board of Dentistry.

For information related to blood borne pathogens and infection control please refer to the clinic manual under clinical education.

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