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Equity and Diversity

East Tennessee State University

Multicultural Focus

ETSU Organizations and Departments supporting the Multicultural Focus -

Adult, Commuter and Transfer Services

This office is designed to serve the special needs of ETSU's adult, commuter and transfer population. As part of the division of Student Affairs, A.C.T.S. views the quality of the student experience in itself as a critical outcome of an East Tennessee State University education. In serving, adult, commuter and transfer students, A.C.T.S. is a focal point for information, academic and career advisement, assistance and referral. Students benefit through personalized referrals and an increased ability to access university resources and events. 

African American Studies

The African and African American Studies Program at ETSU is committed to promoting scholarship, public service, and intellectual growth.  The program is dedicated to providing undergraduate and graduate courses in the social sciences and humanities. Also, part of its mission is to prepare students for careers in a variety of fields, such as education, law, journalism, administrative work, business, social work, museums, and politics.

Center for Appalachian Studies and Services

The Center for Appalachian Studies and Services at East Tennessee State University was established in 1984 as a Tennessee Distinguished Center of Excellence. In 1986 the Center was named one of the top five centers in the state, and it became recognized as an Accomplished Center of Excellence in 1987. The Center documents and showcases Appalachia's past, celebrates its cultural heritage, and promotes an understanding of the influences that shape its identity.

Office of Disability Services

To provide services and promote an accessible environment which allows people with disabilities an equal opportunity for participation in educational and other campus activities.

El Nuevo Bilingual Newspaper

The Language and Culture Resource Center (LCRC), in cooperation with the Department of Communication, published the eighth annual edition of a bilingual newspaper in May 2007.  For the first time, the paper was published in Greeneville, TN.  Students in participating classes are responsible for interacting directly with the community to seek out stories and articles, conduct interviews, and write for the paper, which is published as a supplement to the local newspaper. The purpose of the project is twofold:  First, to inform the Spanish-speaking community about the services, contacts and resources available to them in the area; and second, to inform the resident population about the culture and contributions of the Hispanic population.  It is an opportunity for students from various fields of study to enhance their communication ability and research skills.  It has been a great resource for partnerships between the university and the community, and many other projects have stemmed from its inception. The 2005 edition of El Nuevo was published by the Johnson City Press, and the 2006 edition was published for the third time in Morristown, where over 10 % of the population is Hispanic. 

ETSU Counseling Center

The mission of the ETSU Counseling Center is to promote mental health, personal growth and positive relationships within the ETSU student community.  We achieve this mission by providing an array of mental health, career, educational, and consulting services.  The Counseling Center is located on the third floor of the D.P. Culp Center, Room 340. 

ETSU Language and Culture Resource Center (LCRC)

The goal of the Language and Culture Resource Center is to expand community partnerships and bridge local boundaries between the Hispanic community and the American population of the area.  Because of the recent growth in the Hispanic population, we see the need to increase awareness and understanding of diversity and to involve the university faculty and students in hands-on, community-based learning experiences.  Our efforts bring together people from every age and background, to share our cultural strengths and our humanity as we work toward the acculturation of the American and Hispanic communities.

Honors College

Find yourself. Find your passion. The Honors College at ETSU sponsors a diversity of honors experiences available to a broad spectrum of students in all fields of study. Pursue your dream with us.

International Programs

Assistance is available to meet the special needs of international students. The international student advisor acts as a liaison between the university, the local community, and the international student and provides special opportunities and activities through the international student organization and selected community agencies. The advisor for international programs is Ms. Maria Costa and her office is located in Room 101, Yoakley Hall.

International Student Exchange Program

ISEP is a network of 275 colleges and universities in 39 countries cooperating to provide affordable access to international education for a diverse student population. ISEP students gain intercultural competence through integration into their host institution and host culture while exploring the international dimensions of their academic field.

ISEP offers students two options:

• ISEP-Exchanges: reciprocal exchange among ISEP Member institutions. Exchanges are between US and International Members, or between Member institutions outside the U.S (International-to-International).

• ISEP-Direct: study abroad programs at ISEP Member institutions open to students from ISEP Member and Affiliate institution.

Over 28,000 students have had the Experience of a Lifetime since 1979

Legal Affairs

The Office of University Counsel provides legal counsel and advice to the President, administration, faculty, staff and students.  Other duties include the preparation of official documents, legal opinions and advisory papers on legal issues, serving as liaison with the offices of the vice presidents and  the Affirmative Action office regarding all legal matters within the University.  Legal counsel is also responsible for principal coordination of university contracts and agreements with external government and commercial entitles, and serves as the university representative to federal and state civil rights agencies.

Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is responsible for creating and fostering a campus-wide climate of respect while promoting a culturally divers and nondiscriminatory campus community. The office offers year round programs to expose students, faculty, and staff to other cultures and ethnicities. Academic tracking and early warning systems help students of color to be academically successful. Additionally, the office provides mentoring, as well as orientation sessions to acclimate students of color to campus life. The director serves as an advocate for students of color, advises the Black Affairs Association, The Gospel Choir, and produces an annual report reflecting multiculturalism on campus.

Safe Zone - Webpage being developed.

University ADA Coordinator

Mary Little
Director, Disability Services


Women in Medicine

The Office of Women in Medicine is part of the administrative structure of the college of medicine and is responsible for initiating, supervising, and evaluating programs aimed at the special needs and problems of women in medical education. The primary functions of this office include: support for the Committee on Women and Gender Issues; support for the Student Women in Medicine organization; coordinating women's issues within individual departments with the entire College of Medicine and the university as a whole; promoting recruitment, professional and personal development, and retention of women faculty and administrative staff; serve as a source of networking both within the institution and with other medical colleges and national organizations for women in medicine; encourage community women physicians to provide a role model for the medical students and resident physicians; coordinate sexual harassment and gender discrimination training and counseling; develop workshops and training programs to improve the skills of the college of medicine women; act as a source of information for issues of professional interest to women in medicine, including professional meetings, grant funding, job and scholarship opportunities, and other similar topics; maintain the College of Medicine Women's Resource Center with journals, books, newsletters, and audiovisual materials of interest to women in medicine; and support training programs to increase the knowledge of women's health for the medical students, resident physicians, and faculty and staff.

Women’s Resource Center

Our mission is to enhance the East Tennessee State University climate with respect to opportunities for women.  The Center will serve as a focal point for services to faculty, staff, and student women of the University.  The Center will also address policies and procedures which relate to equitable treatment issues, and will make recommendations aimed at institutional effectiveness.

Women’s Studies

Women's Studies is an exciting, interdisciplinary area of study that celebrates women's lives. It examines how diverse women have contributed to history, social processes, culture, politics and economics, as well as how all of these have shaped women's experiences. Our program provides new ways of looking at common assumptions about femininity and masculinity and teaches students how to connect what they study with how they live and work. We also explore how gender intersects with ability, age, class, culture, ethnicity, nationality, race, religion, and sexuality. Our Leadership through Diversity focus promotes a creative struggle for justice and equality. We train graduates to be leaders in both civic engagement and the workforce.

The Women's Studies Program is comprised of dedicated faculty and staff and socially conscious students coming together from a wide range of disciplines. Our courses typically are small and are offered out of a variety of departments, including Criminal Justice, History, English, Communication, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Social Work, Art, and Nursing. In addition to an academic Minor and recently approved Major, Women's Studies sponsors a variety of campus events and programs throughout the year.

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