Summer courses at ETSU offer something for everyone

May 16, 2001

JOHNSON CITY Registration for summer classes at East Tennessee State University is under way, and a variety of summer-only undergraduate and graduate courses are offered, in addition to hundreds of regular courses.

Summer-only courses are designed to serve adult students, transfer students, professionals, recent high school graduates and current ETSU students.

"The goal of these summer-only courses is to provide students with innovative choices and scheduling flexibility," said Dr. John M. King, assistant professor of communication and co-director of the marketing effort for ETSU Summer 2001. "Many students enroll in summer classes to earn needed re-certification credits, to enhance job skills, to get an early start, and to graduate quicker."

Summer school at ETSU has three time periods. The pre-summer session started May 14 and runs through June 1. Session I is June 4-July 9, and Session II is July 10-Aug. 13. Some courses are scheduled for more than one session and others meet during the whole summer, through Aug. 13. A complete list of summer-only courses follows:

The department of curriculum and instruction (423-439-7595) offers "American Sign Language I and II," "Positive Discipline," "Multicultural Authors and Illustrators of Children's Literature," "Professional Development for Substitute Teachers" and "Web Page Design for Teachers."

High school and university music teachers may find an interest in "Jazz Pedagogy," offered by the department of music (423-439-4270).

The department of human development and learning (423-439-7688) features "How Children Learn and How to Make Them Do Their Work: A Course for Homeschoolers and Others Who Teach," and two courses designed for master's and post-master's students in counseling entitled "Rhythms of Therapy: Purpose, Awareness, Contact and Experience in Brief Therapy" and "Spirituality in Counseling."

The department of philosophy and humanities (423-439-4425) offers "Assessing Reflection in Service Learning," a course to aid teachers integrating service learning into their classes, as well as "Asian Cultures," which examines the history, philosophy and culture of India, China and Japan.

Graduate students, environmental engineers, environmental consultants and business managers involved with environmental affairs may want to enroll in "Tennessee Environmental Law," a joint offering by the departments of management and marketing (423-439-4422) and environmental health (423-439-5245). Other offerings from these departments include "Management in the European Union," a course that provides an enhanced understanding of how to conduct business in Europe, and "OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations," for people who want to become certified in emergency response to hazardous spills.

Law enforcement professionals and others interested in criminal justice can choose from three courses in the department of criminal justice and criminology (423-439-5346), including "Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement," "TV/Movies Promotion of Racial Violence" and "Hate Crimes in America."

The department of communication (423-439-4491) has "Practical Experience in Producing Marketing/Training Video," "Digital Video: A Non-Linear Approach to Editing," "Family Communication," "Non-Verbal Communication," "Speechwriting," "Interpersonal Conflict & Communication" and "Listening."

Local geographic and geologic sites are the focus of "Human Interaction with Earth: A Study of the Geography and Geology of Appalachia," through the department of geography, geology and geomatics (423-439-7653). The department also offers "Dinosaurs," covering the lives, circumstances and untimely demise of dinosaurs from scientific and historical perspectives.

The department of computer and information sciences (423-439-5328) offers "Introduction to Java Programming," "The Law and the Internet," "Windows Programming in Microsoft Foundation Classes" and "Home/Small Business Automation."

Several courses that aim to provide students with stronger global historical perspectives are offerings of the history department (423-439-4222) including "Asian Cultures"; "The Historical Jesus and the Early Church"; "Music, Movies, Politics and Civil Rights: America in the 1950s"; and "The Reel South Africa," examining popular images of South African history as portrayed in films.

The department of art and design (423-439-4247) presents a traditional art class, "Figure Painting," and a computer-based art class, "Computer Imaging." No previous experience is required for either course.

Nurses and nursing students will find two special summer-only course offerings by the department of adult nursing (423-439-5892), "Perioperative Care I and II," designed to provide nursing students with skills and knowledge associated with surgical settings. "Foundation of Nursing Skills" is a prerequisite for these courses.

"Women in Horror Films," through the English department (423-439-4347), examines how women are depicted in this type of film. Students will view and analyze several horror films.

Graduate students in counseling or psychology and mental health practitioners should benefit from "Clinical Assessment and Dynamics of the Modern American Family" in the department of psychology (423-439-4424).

The department of communicative disorders (423-439-4272) offers "Counseling in Communicative Disorders" and "Vestibular Science and Evaluation."

"Information Technology in Dental Hygiene Therapy and Oral Health Care" is designed for students preparing for the bachelor of science in dental hygiene online completion program through the department of dental hygiene (423-439-4497).

Students who have completed radiologic technology courses may enroll in "Magnetic Resonance Imaging," offered by the department of health related professions (423-547-4900).

For more information, call the departments listed above, the undergraduate admissions office (423-439-4213 or 1-800-GO2-ETSU), the graduate admissions office (423-439-4221), ETSU at Kingsport (423-392-8000), ETSU at Bristol (423-844-6300), or ETSU at Greeneville (423-787-7300). Students should refer to the ETSU Summer 2001 Schedule or visit GoldLink Online through the ETSU Web page, for more information or to obtain course numbers. Currently enrolled students may register online through GoldLink or through the GoldLink telephone registration system (423-439-7700).

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