TBR grants tenure and promotion to ETSU faculty

July 19, 2001

JOHNSON CITY Thirty-seven faculty at East Tennessee State University were recently promoted and 20 were granted tenure by the university's governing body, the Tennessee Board of Regents.

Four faculty members were promoted to the rank of assistant professor: Tammy Hayes, communication/theater, and Marie Jones, Jerry Shuttle and Rebecca Tolley-Stokes, university library.

Associate professor status was bestowed on 18 faculty: Drs. Nancy Judaun Alison and Mary A. Hooks, surgery; Dr. Mary K. Anderson and Jennie Walls, family/community nursing; Dr. Edward A. Baryla Jr., economics, finance and urban studies; Dr. Kevin Bruel, obstetrics and gynecology; Dr. William David Currie, health sciences; Dr. Dennis M. Defoe, anatomy and cell biology; Dr. Tom W. Ecay, physiology; Kelly Hensley, university library; Drs. Thomas Holmes, Theresa Lloyd and Judith Slagle, English; Dr. Susan McCabe, professional roles/mental health nursing; Dr. Elizabeth McCord, family medicine; Dr. Maria Niederberger, music; Dr. Sandra Palmer-Lopez, foreign languages; and Jack Tottle, Center for Appalachian Studies and Services/Bluegrass.

And, 15 faculty attained the rank of full professor: Dr. Jafar Alavi, economics, finance and urban studies; Dr. Craig Broeder, physical education, exercise and sport sciences; Dr. William D. Burgess, history; Drs. Ryland P. Byrd, Guha Krishnaswamy and Stuart S. Leicht, internal medicine; Dr. Anthony Cavender, sociology/anthropology; Dr. Robert B. Gardner, mathematics; Dr. Delbert Hall, communication/theater; Dr. John R. Hall, surgery; Dr. Marie Tedesco, university library; Dr. Lynn Rice-See, music; Dr. Mitchell E. Robinson, biochemistry and cell biology; Ralph Slatton, art & design; and Dr. A. Lynn Williams, communicative disorders.

The following 11 were granted tenure in addition to their promotions: Anderson, Baryla, Bruel, Defoe, Ecay, Holmes, Hooks, Lloyd, McCord, Niederberger and Walls.

Another nine faculty were also granted tenure: Carol Bevan, and Drs. Joseph Borden, Catherine Cunningham and Susanna Floyd, University School; Dr. Jim L. Kelley, internal medicine; Dr. Marjorie King, professional roles/mental health nursing; Katherine Libby, university library; Dr. Donald Luttermoser, physics; and Dr. Paul C. Trogen, economics, finance and urban studies.

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