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ETSU Parking

East Tennessee State University


Q1: Where can I park now that the parking garage construction is taking place?
A1: There are two overflow parking areas available at the Baseball Stadium and at BucVillage. BucVillage parking overflow area will only be available during the first 6 weeks of school. The BUCSHOT will be available at both of these areas.

Q2: Where are the best areas to park to avoid traffic congestion?
A2: We encourage the students and employees to park in Lot #22 entering from the Greenwood drive end of the lot and at the Baseball Stadium.

Q3: Is it safe to walk from the soccer stadium side of the Lot #22?
A3: A safe walking paths is available for those parked in Lot #22. It is along the intramural fields, with entrances at the soccer stadium and at the end of the intramural fields. During the first two weeks of the fall semester, we will have additional personnel directing pedestrians to the safe walking path.

Q4: Is the BUCSHOT available from Lot #22?
A4: The BUCSHOT shuttle is available for those parked in Lot #22 with 4 convenient stop locations. Please refer to the Parking Services website at for stop locations and bus route schedules.

Q5: Are there any other traffic, parking, and safety changes that I should be aware of while traveling through the ETSU campus?
A5: The center of campus has been designated as a pedestrian only area, free of vehicles and motorcycles. Sherrod drive is now closed at the intersection of Sherrod and Martha Culp Ave. Vehicles traveling up Sherrod drive must turn around at the intersection, since Martha Culp Ave is a one-way street. Vehicles traveling on Martha Culp Ave will not be able to make a left on Sherrod drive. Unless entering to go to University School parking lot, we encourage you not to enter the campus at Sherrod Drive.

Q6: Where can I get additional information when I am traveling through campus or trying to locate a convenient parking space?
A6: ETSU parking attendants will also be available to inform drivers of the latest parking lot occupancy. You may find the parking attendants monitoring parking lots in the golf carts with the yellow caution lights.

Q7: Should I park in the Millennium Center garage or any other business parking areas near ETSU campus?
A7: Your vehicle may be towed by the business if parked on the business' premises.

Q8: Where can I get up-to-date information on parking and safe walking during the parking garage construction?
A8: The webpage will have the latest information on parking and safe walking for the duration of the parking garage construction project.

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