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Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Division of Student Life and Enrollment

A consortium agreement is a written contract between two institutions enabling students to take coursework at different institutions simultaneously for the purpose of completing a degree.  Under such an agreement, students may take a course at a “host institution” and have those courses count toward a degree or certificate at the “parent institution”.

The student’s “parent institution” (ETSU) is the institution that will grant the student’s degree or certificate.  It is also the institution that will process, award and disburse the financial aid.  The “host institution”(the other college you will attend) will be responsible for certifying the student’s enrollment status and the costs for tuition and fees.     


  • Students must be degree seeking at the parent institution (ETSU).
  • Each class taken at the “host institution” must be a requirement of the degree the student is seeking at ETSU.
  • The student’s enrollment status (combination of hours between the parent institution and the host institution) must be at least six (6) credit hours.
  • Students are responsible for having the host institution complete the Consortium Agreement and for submitting the completed form to the ETSU Office of Financial Aid (parent institution).
  • Consortium Agreements are not applications for additional aid. They merely allow a student to get the same amount of financial aid he or she would normally receive for registering for all of his or her classes at ETSU.  If a credit balance is created by financial aid funds, then a refund is processed and released to the student.
  • Students are responsible for paying the tuition/fees at the host institution. Tuition and fee payment deadlines may not be at the same time as the deadlines at ETSU.  Students may have to pay the fees at the host institution out-of-pocket and reimburse themselves with the balance of aid from ETSU.
  • Consortium Agreements expire at the end of each semester. Therefore, students seeking to participate in a Consortium Agreement for more than one semester must reapply with a new application each semester.
  • At the conclusion of the semester, a transcript request form will be submitted on the student’s behalf to the host institution. (If a transcript request form was not completed and submitted to the ETSU Office of Financial Aid, the student will be responsible for requesting the transcript from the host institution).  Failure to provide the transcript will prohibit aid from being processed for subsequent semesters.
  • Once the transcript has been received, the grades will be reviewed to determine if the student has met the requirements of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.
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