Construction of the new Quad that will be located in the center of the East Tennessee State University campus begins in December 2012. Once completed, this beautiful corridor will create a welcoming environment for our students and will feature grassy areas with landscaping as well as pedestrian-friendly walkways.

In addition, renovations will be made to the entrances of Brooks Gymnasium, Sam Wilson Hall, Ball Hall, and the Campus Center Building, which surround this new Quad.

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This will be an exciting time as we watch the core of campus undergo a transformation. Below is the tentative timeline for this project:

  • December 2012 Relocation of Conifer Garden.
  • February 2013 Relocation of the Veterans' Memorial.
  • May 2013 Construction of Quad begins. Construction of new building entrances begins.
  • August 2013 Anticipated completion date for Quad.
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