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Experience and Innovation

Since 1989, ITS has been providing live classes to remote campus facilities. In the years since, we have offered our video conferencing facilities and services to the ETSU campus and community to host live events and private meetings hosted in our distance education classrooms.

In 2008, we developed a remote conferencing unit that allows us to escape the confines of our classrooms and provide effective, professional quality video conferencing to not only the entire campus, but to the entire community, and beyond! These conferencing units use the same high quality, h.323 standards-based point to point video conferencing equipment that we use in our classrooms in a small, portable package that can be loaded into a car and delivered anywhere there is adequate bandwidth.

The first use of our mobile conferencing unit was in October of 2007 to deliver a live stream discussion of the Presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama from an ETSU campus auditorium to auditoriums across Tennessee. Students in each location had a moment to express their views to a state-wide audience.

With 20 years of video conference and distance education experience, Elearning is committed to innovating new uses for streaming technology and mobile conferencing making ETSU a leader in online education.

If you would like to schedule the use of our Video Conference facilities, please contact Rob Nelson at or call (423) 439-8365.

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