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GoldLab Access and Use

Here are some steps that you can follow to allow you to run applications through the Goldlab system from either on or off campus. The officially supported browsers are Internet Explorer and Firefox on the PC and Safari on the Mac. Google Chrome is not officially supported.

Logging in to GoldLab

To access the site, go over to When you get there, you should see a login screen similar to the one shown below.

Goldlab Login

On the login screen, simply use your ETSU username and current password and click on the Log On button. There is no need to put 'etsu\' in front of the username. After a successful login, you should receive the legal notice. If you agree with the notice, click on the Continue button.

Legal Notice

Initial Installation

If this is the first time you are accessing Goldlab from the computer, you'll be prompted to install the Citrix Receiver.

Citrix Receiver

Once you have checked the box and click on Continue, either the installer will download automatically or you may be given a prompt to run or save the file.

Run or save

If you're given this option, simply click on Run. In some web browsers, such as Firefox, you'll have to click on the file in order to start the installation. Once the setup program has been activated, the installer should start.

Receiver setup

Simply click on the Install button and follow the prompts. After installation, you may be prompted to restart the computer.

Accessing the applications

When you log in and the Citrix Receiver has been installed on the computer, you may get additional prompts. In Internet Explorer, you might get a message at the bottom of the screen asking for your permission to run.


Simply click on the Allow button to allow the add-on to run. After that, you may also get a prompt stating that the website wants to open web content using a program on your computer.

Web allow

Just click on the Allow button. After this, you should get to the app listing screen that should look similar to the image below.

Apps screen

The list of programs you see is most likely not all of the programs that are available. The list should consist of some frequently used programs, as well as any that you may add to the screen yourself. If you want to see what all programs are available, click on the plus sign in the green box.

App list

If you want to run one of those programs, simply click on it to run it. If you want to add the application to the home screen, simply click to the right of it to activate the green check mark. If you wish to remove the application later from the home screen, simply right-click on it and choose Remove from the menu that comes up. After you click on an app to run it, it should come up in a separate window on your computer.

Screen timeouts

As you are working on the applications, the session to the home screen might time out. If this happens, it will not interrupt your session with the application that you're running. When you are done with an application and you close it, if you find that the session has timed out, you can simply click on the Log On button again, enter in your credentials and you should be taken back to the home screen to choose another application.

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