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GoldLab RemoteApp Control Panel Applet

Applications published in the Remote Desktop Services environment can be accessed through the Control Panel applet on your Windows computer. You can configure access to GoldLab using the RemoteApp and Desktop Connections Control Panel applet.

From the Control Panel > All Control Panel Items. Open RemoteApp and Desktop Connections

GoldLab RemoteApp - Control Panel

Select "Access RemoteApp and Desktops."

GoldLab RemoteApp - Connect

A separate dialog box will open asking for your email address or the connection URL. Enter your ETSU email address or

GoldLab RemoteApp - email

The wizard will advise it is ready to setup the connection.

GoldLab RemoteAccess - Wizard

Once the wizard completes you will be prompted to enter your ETSU logiin credentials.

GoldLab RemoteAccess - Credentials.

You will be able to access the published applications from either the RemoteApp and Desktop Connections applet or from the Start menu.

GoldLab RemoteAccess - Applications

GoldLab RemoteAccess - Applications

GoldLab RemoteAccess - Start Menu

Select the published application to open and use.


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