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Networks Wireless Setup for Consoles, Digital Assistants and Streaming Devices

Connecting Your Device to the MyDevices Network

(You can Connect Up to 5 Devices)

  1. Open in a web browser and log in using your ETSU username and password.

    login to mydevices website, enter username and password
  2. Once logged in, click the 'Add' button.

    add device page mydevices website
  3. Choose and enter a name for your device.

    add device info to mydevices website
  4. Find and enter the Device ID (MAC Address) for you device.

    The MAC address is made up of letters and numbers grouped by 2's and separated by colons. It will have a format like X8:00:F2:99:XX:99

    The MAC address is found in different locations on different devices. Some common locations to look for a MAC address are

    • On the outside of the box that the device came in: mac address on sticker on outside of box
    • Inside the settings or network screens of the device: mac address in device network settings

    View this document for examples of where to find the MAC address on a Roku, Firestick and Amazon Echo Dot

  5. If you'd like, you may also enter a description in the Description box.
  6. Click 'Submit'
  7. You should now see your device in the manage devices list

    login to mydevices website
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