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Television Frequently Asked Questions

For Frequently Asked Questions on Digital TVs, QAM tuners, recording, setting up TiVo please see Campus Televideo's FAQ web link:

What High Definition (HD) channels are available on the ETSU Cable TV system?

The channels listed below are available in HD on the ETSU Cable TV Network.

  • WCYB – NBC*
  • WJHL – CBS*
  • WKPT – ABC*
  • HBO
  • ESPN
  • TBS
  • USA
  • Discovery Channel
  • ABC Family
  • WEMT – Fox *
  • WSBN – PBS *

*Also available in analog

My TV isn't HD. Can I watch the channels that are listed as HD?

No, but the same channels are available in standard definition and those will still be available to you.

Will any TV channels be broadcast in analog on the ETSU cable TV system?

Yes, in order to provide television service while to customers who haven't switched to digital, ITS will continue to broadcast a limited number of TV channels in analog. Channels currently being broadcast in analog are listed below:

  • Channel 2 – MNT – WAPK
  • Channel 3 – PBS – WSBN
  • Channel 4 – WCYB – DT2 – CW
  • Channel 6 – CBS – WJHL
  • Channel 8 – ABC – WKPT
  • Channel 9 – WETS TV
  • Channel 10 – NBC – WCYB
  • Channel 12 – FOX – WEMT
  • Channel 31 – Residence Life Cinema
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