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Fine & Performing Arts Scholars Program

East Tennessee State University

The Academic Experience

Bert C. Bach Fine & Performing Arts Scholars Curriculumart painting exhibit boland symposium

The FPA curriculum offers scholars unique courses specifically designed with a focus on creative accomplishment. Small classes taught by excellent, full-time faculty, honors general education courses, and an interdisciplinary approach to course content will challenge you to think criticaly. The curriculum culminates in the writing and presenting of an undergraduate honors thesis. All Honors College students are required to carry a minimum of 15 credit hours each semester.

In addition, Bert C. Bach Fine & Performing Arts Scholars are encouraged to pursue other opportunities such as study abroad, a Washington Center Internship, or department or college internships.

The program includes:

  • Eight semesters of Honors Colloquium
    (8 hours total) -
    Collo provides opportunities for new scholars to engage
    in orientation activities, and all scholars to engage in public service, small group activities, personal and professional development,and academic and social activities. Students
    learn to share their experiences, learn new skills for how to
    survive as a student, and work with others to develop new
    projects. You will be taking this class with students from otherdigital exhibit boland symposium
    programs in the Honors College, helping to develop an even
    deeper interdisciplinary approach.
  • Artistic Vision I
    (3 hours; fall freshman year) -
    a special interdisciplinary arts course
  • Artistic Vision II (3 credit hours) in the Spring semester.
    (3 hours; spring freshman year) -
  • Interdisciplinary Arts
  • (2 credit hours; spring sophomore and junior year) -
    Students work together to design, construct and perform
    projects across the university campus and local performance boland symposium
  • Honors Thesis
    (6 hours over two semesters, usually senior year) -
    As a senior, students work toward completion of their
    capstone senior project, including a written component and
    a public presentation. This experience provides each scholar
    the opportunity to attain a comprehensive knowledge of
    his/her field of interest and acquire skills needed to promote continued study and advancement. Often counts as major electives depending on department. Scholars work closely shelby maiden presentation
    with a faculty mentor, who guides the faculty readers and
    assists the scholar in final preparations, including a
    public presentation.

  • Community Service
    To develop an increased sense of social responsibility—a global view of society and a heart for "giving back" and helping others, students are also required to participate in a minimum of 10 hours of community service either on or off-campus each semester. Exposure to diversity and multiculturalism provides scholars an opportunity to apply academic learning to real human needs.The director of the program will approve the choice of service, although we hope students consider art-related service activities.

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