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The Honors-in-Discipline Scholars Programs

East Tennessee State University

Prospective Students

HID students group pic 2018 pinning

Welcome to the Honors-in-Discipline website for prospective students! We are delighted that you are interested in our programs. We hope you will take some time to use the navigation on the left to explore and learn about HID!

Honors-in-Discipline programs invite you to find your passion while excelling in a specific area of study. 

There are currently 24 HID programs at ETSU click HERE for info

Our programs are open to applications from incoming freshmen, transfers, and current ETSU students. Admission is competitive and scholarships are awarded separately from admission.

Scholarships are awarded for both fall and spring semesters. Applications must be received by HID Coordinators by November 1st to be considered for a scholarship for the following spring and by March 1st to be considered for a scholarship for the following fall.
Schedule a Visit
If you are a prospective student we would love to have you visit!

While on campus you can meet with the Director of the Honors-in-Discipline programs, along with a professor in your intended field of study.In addition, you might want to schedule a campus tour.

If you are a current ETSU student, feel free to call or email for an appointment to learn more about any of our HID programs!



Program Quick View

Dr. Whitelaw

Dr. Michael Whitelaw, Director
Honors-in-Discipline Programs
Yoakley Hall Room 201

Kionne King

Kionne King, Secretary
Honors-in-Discipline Program
Yoakley Hall Room 206

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