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International Programs

East Tennessee State University

Why Study Abroad

Bertioga Beachforte

Total losses since I've been in South Africa:

1 culturally ignorant mind

1 television addiction

Total gains since I've been in South Africa:

1 love of a new country

1 appreciation of cultures from all over the world

1 increased sense of American & Tennessean pride.

-  Trista Self

Why Study Abroad?

The reasons for studying abroad are many: explore and appreciate new cultures, learn or perfect a second language, take courses not offered at ETSU, learn from different professors, explore new areas of study, travel, broaden personal and educational perspectives, personal growth, etc.

Studying abroad is a fulfilling and life changing experience that is a good addition to any degree.

Where Can I Go?

You should consider ETSU exchange programs sites first. ETSU is a member of the ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) consortium, which provides you with access to institutions in 33 countries and numerous programs taught in English. We also have bilateral exchange programs in China, Ecuador, England, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Scotland and South Korea.

How much does it cost?

Bilateral Exchange Programs - participants pay tuition and fees at ETSU, room and board at host institution.

ISEP - participants pay tuition, fees, room, and board at ETSU.

Direct enrollment - participants pay tuition (including out of state), fees and room and board directly to host institution.

Start Planning One-year In Advance, Two, If Study Involves A Foreign Language.

Start the application process at least six months before the term at the host institution begins. Remember to consider different schedules institutions may have that could affect your semester of return to ETSU.

Research Exchange Programs

Pay close attention to overseas institutions with which ETSU has agreements. By attending one of our exchange schools, you will pay tuition and fees at ETSU (with ISEP, you will pay room and board, in addition) and may save the high cost of tuition and administrative fees charged to non-exchange students.

Consult With Your Academic Advisor About The Feasibility of Having Study Abroad As Part of Your ETSU Program of Study.

With careful planning, you may be able to study abroad and graduate within the time frame you and your family planned at the beginning of college.

Stay in Contact With Financial Aid Office

If you are receiving financial aid and plan to use it for study abroad, you must meet with a Financial Aid counselor at least six months in advance.

Consult With Your Family

Do you need their financial support or can you do it on your own?

Learn the Language of the Country You Will Be Visiting

Even if your courses are taught in English, do not lose the opportunity to make yourself more competitive by being bilingual.

How do I learn more about Studying Abroad?

Call ETSU International Programs and Services Office to schedule an advising appointment: 423-439-7737

The Study Abroad Coordinator's Office is now located in the Multicultural Center in the D.P. Culp University Center

You can also email the Study Abroad Coordinator, Patricia "Pato" Lin-Steadman, at 

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