National Student Exchange

The National Student Exchange is a program designed to provide the opportunity for you to attend a college or university in another state without having to pay the high cost of out-of-state tuition. Payment for tuition is made in one of two ways. Using the NSE Plan A, you are registered at East Tennessee State University but are not assessed ETSU tuition and fees. Your tuition and fees are paid at the host campus as if you were a resident of the state in which the host campus is located. Using the NSE Plan B, you are registered and pay your tuition and fees at ETSU, but will NOT pay tuition or fees at the host campuses. With either plan, room and board are your financial responsibility and are paid to the host campus.

ETSU students who participate in the NSE remain as degree-seeking, registered students at ETSU. Any financial aid that is normally available can be applied to the exchange obligations. Because NSE is an officially approved program of the university, all courses with their respective credit hours and earned grades will be recorded on the ETSU transcript and be calculated in the GPA. Students must, however, complete a course transfer agreement form before departing for the exchange.

To be eligible for participation in the exchange you must be a full-time student at ETSU and in good standing socially, financially, and academically, with an earned grade point average of at least 2.50. Acceptance into the program will be determined as a result of an evaluation of a fully completed application.

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