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Employee Benefits

Office of Human Resources

To receive workers' compensation benefits, you must be injured while performing some activity which falls within your scope of employment. In other words, the accident which causes an injury to you must be related to your work. These are referred to as compensable injuries. Examples of compensable injuries include a clerk who strains a shoulder when lifting an archive box or a highway worker who is hit by a car while controlling traffic at a construction site. You should be aware that not all accidents which happen at work will be compensable under the workers' compensation law. What you are doing when the injury occurs may be more important than where you are.

No clear cut definition is available to describe when an injury is or is not compensable. The best advice for all university employees is to perform the duties of your job in a careful manner and to report any conditions in your workplace which are hazardous to the appropriate officials. It is every employee's responsibility to help prevent accidents and to assist in providing a safe workplace.

Injuries/illnesses to ETSU employees and regular work-study (RSWP) students while they are at work and/or while they are performing services for the University may be compensable. All injuries/illnesses of ETSU employees and RSWP students should be reported to the immediate supervisor and to the Workplace Injury Call Center at (866) 245-8588 as soon as possible. 

Visitors and students other than RSWP that receive an injury/illness while on the ETSU campus must submit their claim to the Division of Claims Administration of the State Treasury Department. Request a Claim for Damages Form from:

The Office of Financial Services
Box 70732
Burgin Dossett Administration Bldg., 2nd floor, Room 202
Phone: 423-439-4414

The failure to file an accident report and/or a claim within a reasonable time may result in denial of the claim. Contact the Office of Human Resources for additional information on available benefits to injured State employees and how to file for benefits.

Who is covered?

  • Regular full-time and part-time employees
  • Temporary employees, adjuncts and graduate assistants
  • Faculty
  • Medical residents
  • Regular work-study students (Classified as RSWP only)

What should you do if you are injured on the job?

  1. Call 911 for all emergencies that are life threatening.
  2. Notify your supervisor immediately. 

If it is not a “911” situation: 

  1. You and your supervisor must call the 24/7 Call Center, 1-866-245-8588. Select option #1 to speak to a nurse for immediate care.
  2. The supervisor will verify the work-related injury. The employee will give necessary information.
  3. The registered nurse will evaluate and determine care/treatment options over the phone. 

For detailed information regarding reporting an injury at work, please see the State of TN & CorVel Partnership brochure.

If you have any questions, please call Gerri Brockwell at (423) 439-4787.

Payment of Work-related Injury

  • Hospitals, doctor's offices, labs, etc. should bill CorVel and not the employee. DO NOT present personal health insurance card for payment.

  • If the employee is unable to work due to a work-related injury, then, they may be eligible to receive temporary total disability benefits. These benefits are called "lost time pay". The employee must have a physician's statement for all time off from work due to the injury, and must have a physician's order to return to work with or without limitations/restrictions.

  • To receive "lost time pay", the employee must be off ETSU payroll and on leave without pay. The employee has a choice of using accumulated sick leave, annual leave, or compensatory time instead of accepting "lost time pay". " Lost time pay" is 66 2/3 percent of salary. 

  • To be eligible for "lost time pay", the employee must be off from work due to an injury for 7 days. "lost time pay" begins to accrue on the 8th day, and if off from work due to an injury for 14 days or more, then, the 7-day waiting period will be waived and "lost time pay" will be paid for all 14 days. If off from work due to injury for 3 days, employee must complete a Family Medical Leave form. Family Medical Leave and Workers' Compensation run concurrently.

  • Mileage to and from the doctor's office or facility for visits related to work injury can be reimbursed but the mileage must be at least 30 miles round trip.

More Information

For more information on Workers' Compensation, visit the Tennessee Department of Treasury Workers Compensation website or contact the Benefits Center in the Mini Dome, Gerri Brockwell at (423) 439-4787.

Learn more about workstation ergonomics at the OSHA Workstation eTools website.

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