In order to perform its mission, the Employee Development Center offers a variety of services to facilitate the training and professional development of faculty and staff.
1. Based on expressed and perceived needs, offer training, professional development sessions, and open enrollment training, using ETSU faculty/staff instructors, EAP consultants and/or other providers.
2. Respond to department requests for specific department training needs.
3. Facilitate other ETSU training and development providers by assisting them with:
a. Scheduling classrooms.
b. Arranging for audio-visual equipment.
c. Advertising class sessions.
d. Providing registration through EDC training management system.
e. Providing class rosters and sign-in sheets.
f. Providing evaluation forms, then providing a summary of the evaluations.
4. Provide " walk-in" assistance for employees on email, pay stubs, applications (eJobs), forms, Goldlink Self-Service, etc.
5. Maintain a video library to loan for departmental meetings.
6. Conduct bi-annual needs assessments to determine training and development needs.

If you would like to take advantage of any of the services offered by the EDC, please to send an email to the Training Manager ( describing your request, or you may call our office at 439-6130 .

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