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Director of Auxiliaries & Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance Specialist

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Index/Position No.: 40110/113400
Level 14
Position Title: Director of Auxiliaries & Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance Specialist
Department: Financial Services

Expectations for All Employees

East Tennessee State University pursues its mission based upon core values. An employee's job performance must support and exhibit the university's core values:

PEOPLE come first, are treated with dignity and respect, and are encouraged to achieve their full potential;
RELATIONSHIPS are built on honesty, integrity and trust;
DIVERSITY of people and thought is respected;
EXCELLENCE is achieved through teamwork, leadership, creativity, and a strong work ethic;
EFFICIENCY is achieved through wise use of human and financial resources; and
COMMITMENT to intellectual achievement is embraced.

Function of Position

Responsible to the Senior Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration for coordinating and monitoring the activities of auxiliary services, including the bookstore, center for physical activity, food service, housing, natural history museum, parking services, postal services and vending; preparing and monitoring budgets for all auxiliary accounts; compiling all nonresident alien information campus wide including College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, and Foundation; nonresident alien reporting; processing departmental charges for food service and bookstore; reviewing account reconciliations for IDBUCS and approving payments; monitoring Unrelated Business Income; preparing the 990T; directly supervising and training and graduate assistant; assisting with special projects; and performing other related duties as assigned.

Essential Functions

Coordinates and monitors the activities of auxiliary services.

Develops and implements policies and procedures pertaining to auxiliary services.

Develops and coordinates auxiliary services with other university units.

Prepares and monitors the budgets for all auxiliary services.

Prepares all auxiliary schedules for the budget.

Prepares all required auxiliary appendices for the financial report.

Prepares all supplemental schedules for the financial report.

Coordinates and supervises year-end inventory for athletics, central receiving, computer center, physical plant and print shop.

Supervisors the manager of postal services, the parking services director and a graduate assistant.

Handles personnel problems within the postal services department and parking services departments.

Monitors the bookstore contract to ensure compliance.

Supervises the RFP process for the Bookstore.

Monitors and maintains GLACIER, an online tax compliance system, for all nonresident employees, students and independent contractors for the entire campus, College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy.

Informs payroll or accounts payable of appropriate tax codes for all foreign nationals.

Monitors GLACIER reports (immigration expiration dates, missing SSNs/ITINs, residency change dates) and collects missing information and adjusts tax codes for payroll purposes.

Develops and applies procedures for the taxation of nonresident alien students, employees and independent contractors.

Monitors the collection of information used to make tax residency and treaty determination and maintains this information.

Determines tax residency status (performs substantial presence test) for all nonresident aliens and ensures the appropriate paperwork had been completed, collected and forwarded to the correct department.

Evaluates income tax treaty articles.

Manages the annual renewal of all tax treaties and reports to the IRS.

Ensures nonresident aliens are properly taxed prior to payment being made to the individual and in accordance with the IRS.

Prepares and files all Forms 1042 and 1042-S with IRS on an annual basis.

Posts Form 1042-S electronically for the nonresident alien to retrieve.

Collects and remits any NRA tax to the IRS in a timely manner.

Reconciles NRA taxation accounts.

Monitors and maintains CINTAX, a web-based tax return preparation system designed exclusively for foreign students, scholars, teachers, researchers, trainees and their dependents who are nonresident aliens to aid in preparing U.S. federal income tax forms 1040NR and 1040NR-EZ.

Aids all foreign nationals who use CINTAX.

Prepares, documents and monitors procedures for unrelated business income.

Prepares Form 990-T, Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return and reporting to the IRS.

Secondary Functions

Coordinates all vending campus wide and reports all problems to the vendor.

Verifies and monitors all commission payments for vending, food service and the bookstore.

Approves payments to students and vendors for the IDBUCS system.

Approves payments to students for the center for physical activities.

Reviews account reconciliations for IDBUCS and makes necessary adjusting journal entries.

Processes journal voucher entries for IDBUCS and center for physical activities.

Works closely with Alumni to coordinate Pride activities, including ordering and distributing Pride t-shirts for the entire campus, College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy.

Serves on committees as directed.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of university, Tennessee Board of Regents' and state policies, procedures and regulations.

Knowledge of AICPA financial accounting standards.

Knowledge of generally accepted business practices.

Knowledge of higher education environment.

Knowledge of nonresidential alien taxation.

Ability to communicate effectively.

Ability to plan, develop and implement projects effectively.

Ability to prepare and effectively present reports as required.

Ability to work with all university personnel, TBR staff and the public.

Ability to communicate accounting and financial matters effectively.

Supervision Received

Performs under general supervision; determines own methods of performing assigned work; supervises administrative staff.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in accounting required; an earned CPA; five years of accounting experience; training/experience in nonresidential alien taxation.

July 2008

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