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Office of Human Resources

East Tennessee State University

September 28, 2007

Dear East Tennessee State University Regular Employee:

We are pleased to announce that ETSU's equity adjustments for 2007 were approved during the Tennessee Board of Regents Quarterly Meeting on September 28. Adjustments represent an increase of12.5 percent of the difference in salaries and the "market target" for each eligible faculty and staff position. Regular faculty and staff on payroll as of June 30, 2006 are eligible for this cycle of the Equity Plan. A small adjustment will indicate that the recipient's present salary is very close to the market salary, while a larger adjustment is offered for those whose current salary is considerably below market. An individual salary letter will be forwarded on October 19 under separate cover pertaining to personal equity adjustments. Adjustments will be included in October 31, 2007 paychecks and will be retroactive to July 1, 2007.

We are also very happy to announce that our current financial status allows us to provide a one-time bonus from non-recurring dollars. The bonus will be a $500 one-time payment on November 30, 2007 for all part-time and full-time regular employees who were on the payroll as of June 30, 2007. The amount will be prorated for part-time employees. (The bonus does not apply to adjunct faculty, temporary employees, medical school residents, graduate assistants, student workers, or University School faculty).

We thank you for your dedicated service to ETSU and ask your support as we continue to seek fair compensation for your valued talents. Your hard work and loyalty to our university and to our students are recognized and appreciated. You may contact the Office of Human Resources at 439-5890 or log on to Banner Self Service, if you need individual information pertaining to your personal salary.


Paul E. Stanton, Jr.
University President


February 23, 2007

Dr. Charles W. Manning,
Chancellor Tennessee Board of Regents
1414 Murfreesboro Rd.
Nashville, TN 37217

Dear Chancellor Manning:

In adherence to TBR's 2007 Compensation Review Schedule, East Tennessee State University submits the attached 2005 Compensation Plan Methodology for approval at the June Board meeting. Our Plan was previously reviewed and approved by the Board in June 2005. However, due to budgetary constraints we were unable to implement the Plan in 2005 and 2006.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Please contact me or Mrs. Diana McClay, Director of Human Resources, if you require additional information.

Paul E. Stanton, Jr.

East Tennessee State University 2005 Compensation Plan Methodology

During the past four years, ETSU has worked toward establishing and providing competitive salaries and wages for faculty and staff. In that effort, pay tables for administrative and classified positions were increased in August 2004 to reflect both a 3% increase in maximum/midpoint salaries and the new FLSA requirements. On October 1, 2004, the university also implemented the final phase of our Three-Phased Salary Equity Plan. Out of the 1,504 positions eligible for Phase 3 equity review, 1,193 positions required equity adjustments. Because budgetary limitations have only allowed us to pay equity deficits in 25 percent increments, equity deficits remain.

Summary of the ETSU Salary Equity Plan:

In September 2000 the TBR approved ETSU's Salary Equity Plan (three-phased plan).In January 2001 Phase 1 was implemented.In July 2002 Phase 2 was implemented.Phase 3 of the Plan was scheduled for implementation in January 2003. Because of budget restraints Phase 3 was not implemented until October 1, 2004.

Administrative/Professional and Classified Staff

The ETSU Salary Equity Plan for administrative and classified staff made use of data supplied by the ETSU Bureau of Business and Economic Research (Rockmore Study). The Plan had completed its original three-year life span before the university could reach full implementation. To stay current with cost-of-living increases the university was required to increase the Rockmore study targets for Phase 2 and Phase 3 by 2.5% and 3% increments respectively. This procedure has led to questionable data validity.

A new Equity Plan for administrative and classified staff will be established. Market targets for each classification/pay level will be determined using a subscription to the web-based system "CompAnalyst Job Analyzer." The system will allow for current market data to be used to benchmark positions within the Equity Plan. The market target will be CompAnalyst's 50th percentile data representing the midpoint of the competitive market rate for each job (adjusted for 37.5 hours per week).

One market target for each pay level will be determined by averaging targets for several positions within an ETSU pay level. Positions that are difficult to fill and are sensitive to market pricing, i.e., OIT analysts, public safety officers, research specialists, etc., are approved prior to advertisement to hire at a market rate. Because these positions are advantaged at hire and are close to or at full market target they will not require individual targets within the equity plan.

ETSU Faculty

The Equity Plan for faculty will compare salaries to the current national data from the CUPA Faculty Salary Survey. Faculty increases are based upon rank and discipline.

Intercollegiate Athletics

The Equity Plan will not include coaching or athletic training positions. Increases in salaries for these positions are approved through a separate TBR process.

Executive Staff

The Equity Plan for executive positions will compare salaries to three sources and determine the "higher market target." (1) Salaries will be first compared to median salaries from the national College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) Administrative Salary Survey (doctoral institutions by budget). (2) Executives not having a match to a CUPA position will have targets calculated by the Office of Human Resources using additional published survey data, by performing in-house surveys, or by extrapolating data from similar positions. (3) Positions will also be compared to the corresponding target for their pay level in the administrative plan using data from the "CompAnalyst Job Analyzer". The "higher market target" of the three sources will be used as comparison data.

University High Faculty

In September 2003 the TBR approved a "Pay Plan for the University School." The plan brings ETSU University School faculty to parity with their Washington County contemporaries. Through this plan University School faculty are not eligible for equity, percentage, or across-the-board raises received by other university faculty.

College of Medicine Faculty

The Equity Plan for faculty will compare salaries to the current Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), Southern Region data. VA and MEAC salaries are added to ETSU salaries to determine a grand total salary. Deficits are paid in accordance with the percentage of time worked at ETSU versus the VA. Faculty increases are based upon rank and discipline.

Special Issues

Stipends, Longevity, Percentage of Target, Data Substitution, Budget Considerations

Stipends: The Equity Plan will remove stipend payments from the base salaries of ETSU faculty, and all administrators and support staff. College of Medicine faculty stipends remain in their base salary and are considered a necessary part of their total compensation for AAMC comparisons. Building Coordinator stipends will remain in the base salary because they remain in base salaries during across-the-board calculations.

Longevity: Longevity payments will not be included in any employee base salary because longevity is considered a bonus payment for lengthy service and must be approved annually by the State Legislature.

Percentage of Target: The Equity Plan will target full market targets for all positions. Targets for ETSU faculty, COM faculty, administrative, support and executives will be 100% market target.

Data Substitution: Senior Staff will approve the use of other ETSU faculty data sources other than the national CUPA data.

Budget Considerations: The Equity Plan will be implemented yearly when the budget permits. Deficits will be paid in increments as the budget permits.

2007 Market Targets

Faculty targets are available in the office of Human Resources due to salary survey copyright restrictions.


Level Target

02 30,845

03 35,740

04 36,760

05 39,360

06 41,325

07 43,520

08 46,160

09 50,510

10 50,840

11 55,875

12 57,260

13 60,670

14 64,540

15 68,660

16 73,040


Level Target

01 20,625

02 21,140

03 23,280

04 25,430

05 29,345

06 31,740

07 34,195

08 38,850

09 40,690

10 42,210

11 44,160

12 47,680

13 51,485

14 N/A

15 N/A

Security Pay Scale (40 hr/wk)

Level Target

01 N/A

02 N/A

03 24,830

04 27,125

05 31,300

06 33,860

07 36,475

08 41,440

09 43,400

10 45,020

11 47,100

12 50,860

13 54,920

14 N/A

15 N/A

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