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Office of Human Resources

East Tennessee State University

Compensation & Classification

Minor Position Description Changes/Change of Supervisor

Non-vacant position descriptions are available on the eJobs applicant portal at Search by keyword, position title, position number, department or college/unit. You can get a printable version of your own position description in the HR portal at (log in with your ETSU username and password). Select 'My Profile' at the top of the page and follow the link under the 'Position Descriptions' tab.

Minor Position Description Changes

A department chair, dean or hiring manager may request minor changes to a position description, including changing the direct supervisor, through the eJobs system. Instructions are available in the eJobs User Guide. Significant changes to a position description require a position audit.

Position Audits

A position audit, conducted by the Office of Human Resources, is required to change the title and/or pay level of an existing position. No position will be audited more than one time per fiscal year; in the case of an exceptional circumstance, the supervisor should notify the Office of Human Resources prior to an additional change and reassignment of duties.

A change in a position's duties and responsibilities does not necessarily dictate a change in the position's pay level. Often the same skills, knowledge and level of responsibility exist. Extensive changes in a position's duties and responsibilities should be discussed with the Office of Human Resources prior to the assignment of the new duties and responsibilities.

A position audit must be requested using the following procedures:

  1. A memorandum of justification should be prepared by the immediate supervisor. This communication should be prepared in as much detail as possible, giving the significant changes with supporting data, along with the reason for this change and/or addition of duties.
    The immediate supervisor's memorandum of justification will be sent to the next line of authority who will append a statement of review of the memorandum and add a written recommendation with reasons for approval or disapproval. This process continues through normal administrative channels (i.e., supervisor, director and division head, dean and vice president) with each submitting a written recommendation with reasons to the next person in the chain of command. When the request reaches the vice president, the vice president makes a written recommendation to the Office of Human Resources.

  2. It is the responsibility of each supervisor within the line of authority to carefully review the request, adding additional supporting documentation as required. A request can be denied/disapproved by any supervisor within the line of signature authority. When a request is received by the Office of Human Resources, an appropriate questionnaire will be sent to the requesting department for completion. (See the Human Resources Forms page for questionnaires).

  3. The appropriate questionnaires should be returned to the Office of Human Resources, through proper signatory channels, as soon as possible (10 - 12 working days). If the questionnaires is not returned within this time limit, an audit request and justification must be resubmitted through channels.
  4. An organization chart must be attached to every position questionnaire. An organization chart is a graphic representation of the structure of a department or division. The chart portrays relationships among organizational units and the reporting relation ships of positions. The Office of Human Resources cannot make an accurate assessment of a position without a picture of how the position fits into its organization.

Upon return of the completed questionnaires, the Office of Human Resources may schedule an onsite desk audit.

Desk Audit

There is no requirement to conduct an on-site desk audit for every position audit request. Most positions can be classified on the basis of discussions with supervisors and through the information contained in the position questionnaire, supporting documentation, and organizational charts. This is because over time, the Office of Human Resources has developed a base of information concerning the work performed and the level of responsibility of many types of university positions.

However, if there is insufficient information contained within the position questionnaire, organizational chart and supporting documentation, the Office of Human Resources will schedule an on-site desk audit. An on-site desk audit is an information gathering procedure in which a human resource analyst interviews the incumbent in a position, the employee’s supervisor, and if required other related positions.

Factor evaluation and audit conclusions will be prepared by the Office of Human Resources, and recommended to the appropriate approving authorities; upon approval or denial, notification will be made to the department requesting action.
Final position descriptions will be developed for each position by the Office of Human Resources, with approvals obtained from the appropriate vice president.

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