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Office of Human Resources

East Tennessee State University

Title Code: 47250

Occ. Group:

Postal Services Coordinator

Expectations for All Employees

East Tennessee State University pursues its mission based upon core values. An employee's job performance must support and exhibit the university's core values:

PEOPLE come first, are treated with dignity and respect, and are encouraged to achieve their full potential;
RELATIONSHIPS are built on honesty, integrity and trust;
of people and thought is respected;
is achieved through teamwork, leadership, creativity, and a strong work ethic;
is achieved through wise use of human and financial resources; and COMMITMENT to intellectual achievement is embraced.


Employees in this class are under general supervision. Work performed in operating postal machines, postal retail system, and postal delivery systems. Adheres to rules and regulations set forth by the U.S. Postal Service and performs other related duties as assigned.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

Ensures that all outgoing bulk mail processing procedures are followed to ensure that the university is achieving maximum postage discounts (by the proper processing of submitted mailing lists) through the use of proper mailing permits and mailing software and the proper operation of postal specific mailing equipment.

Ensures Zip+4 addresses are processed through Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) which: adds or corrects Zip+4, checks addresses for Deliverability Point Validation (DPV), check Locatable Address Conversion System (LACSLink) Database for rural route address updates, and checks SuiteLink Database for proper business suite addresses.

Processes address lists for move updates through the National Change of Address Database (NCOALink).

Processes bulk mailings that can include the automated addressing of the envelopes, folding and inserting of the letters, sealing of the envelopes, and sorting in the proper zip code order for mailing.

Processes mailings in accordance with various USPS requirements for self-mailers and the proper operation of the tabbing equipment.

Operates and maintains the Address Mailing Machine for mailings by processing them through the Address Management System which requires close coordination with departments throughout the campus for all required mailings.

Prints the Postal Indicia, understands when to use the appropriate USPS Ancillary Endorsements, and prints forwarding and return address with the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) on the mail pieces.

Processes and electronically submits to the USPS Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) all required paperwork for bulk mailings.

Demonstrates operation knowledge of the USPS Business Gateway, and designs and generates business reply and courtesy envelopes.

Charges and monitors the USPS mailing permits and accounts for non-profit, presort first class, postage due, and business reply mail.

Operates and maintains the mail metering machines and monitors that the appropriate rates are applied according to the type of mail being processed.

Processes all outgoing packages and understands how to ensure the maximum USPS discounts are applied on all packages that require intelligent mail package barcode.

Maintains the PO Box Manager System for opening, closing, and purging of student post office boxes, and edits box holder information in the system.

Operates the postal point of sale systems including the integrated electronic scale, postage printer, label printer, and label writer; performs transactions, make corrections, edits pricing, adds users, adds products, runs reports, and performs daily cash reconciliations.

Processes all outgoing types of mail in compliance with USPS rules and regulations for domestic and international postal services.

Operates the Intelligent Package Delivery System with the ability to scan and load incoming packages, add users, edit user profiles, and troubleshoot common errors.

Processes all incoming student letter mail and flats through the iCollege Mail System, performs updates, performs updates to the system, and troubleshoots common errors.

Operates the current package tracking system by entering incoming departmental packages and student packages not placed in the Intelligent Package Delivery System.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of U.S. Postal regulations.

Knowledge of equipment, procedures, and software used in postal services.

Knowledge of the International Mail Manual and the Domestic Mail Manual.

Ability to use a computer to perform duties.

Ability to collect and compile statistical data, and present as requested.

Ability to process customer inquiries and complaints.

Ability to handle confidential documents in a responsible manner.

Ability to make arithmetic computations and tabulations accurately.

Ability to display strong service orientation skills, multi-task, and display sound judgment.

Ability to organize and manage time.

Recommended Qualifications

Applicants possessing these qualifications have a good probability for success in this class. However, applicants not possessing these qualifications should apply if they believe their training and experience will enable them to perform the work successfully. Graduation from a standard high school or GED. Possession of a valid Tennessee operator's license as issued by the Tennessee Department of Safety.  Two years experience in bulk mail processing and/or postal retail sales. Criminal background check required.

Date         Skill         Eval          
3/1/2016        4    623022222

The intent of this job description is to provide a representative summary of the types of duties and responsibilities that will be required of positions given this title and shall not be construed as a declaration of the specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position. 

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