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Employee Relations

Office of Human Resources

Photo Carol Boles and Nancy Meredith

February 2018 Featured Employee

Kasey Hommel, Financial Management Analyst, College of Education

It is my pleasure to nominate Kasey Hommel for recognition for the “Exceptional Employee of the Month”. Since my arrival at ETSU as the Dean of Education, I have observed Kasey on numerous occasions and find her to be a professional who consistently combines performance and creativity with a cheerful demeanor. Her ability to reflect on complex problems, assess and integrate new ideas into her existing operations, and recommend fair and creative solutions to budgetary issues shows remarkable adaptability and flexibility. She has built strong relationships, based upon mutual respect, with a very diverse staff and faculty both within the college and across the university. She has consistently portrayed a cheerful demeanor, which is only surpassed by her eagerness to help others who come into her office, especially students.


Observing Kasey's response to a particular student motivated me to find a way to recognize her for going above and beyond the "call of duty". It had been a long intense day of dealing with multiple crises that always seem to occur at the start of the new semester. It was late in the afternoon, well after “closing time” and we were finishing some budgeting decisions, when a student walked into Kasey’s office. The student had that look of, “I am so lost and I have no earthly idea what to do!” Before the student even passed through the door, and without a moment’s hesitation Kasey turned, started to rise, smiled broadly and queried, “Can I help you?” After several brief exchanges, it was determined that the student needed to speak to an advisor about his class schedule. Since it was after hours Kasey walked him down to the office and showed him where to find the advisor’s office told him to be there at 8 am the next business day and someone would be there to help him. She then queried if there was anything else she could help him with and with a sigh of great relief he thanked her profusely and joyfully went on his way. Kasey, then returned to her desk, sat down picked up the memo we were discussing, looked at me and asked, with a upbeat smile, “Now where were we?” Without a doubt Kasey demonstrated the true ETSU spirit found in the strategic plan as one of our core values which states, “PEOPLE come first, are treated with dignity and respect, and are encouraged to achieve their full potential.” Again, I am proud to nominate Kasey Hommel for her “Act of Kindness” for one of our amazing students. - Dr. Gregory Aloia, Dean, College of Education

 Do you know an employee or group of employees who have displayed outstanding service to the university and/or our surrounding community?

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To nominate an employee or work group for recognition, please complete the Employee Recognition Program Form (online version or pdf version) including a short narrative describing why the nominee(s) deserves recognition. Electronic forms will automatically route to the employee and then to HR for processing or return the PDF form with the appropriate signatures to the Office of Human Resource, Box 70564.

From the list of nominees, Human Resources will select employees to be featured on our website. Featured Employees receive an ETSU mug and a certificate of appreciation.

Thank you for helping us recognize our outstanding ETSU employees! To view past Featured Employees, visit the Featured Employee Archive.

Permission for East Tennessee State University’s Office of Human Resources to prepare a release and use this information on the Human Resources departmental website is required.  The Office of Human Resources reserves the right to edit, publish, or not publish any submissions to the Employee Recognition Program.

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