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Employee Relations

Office of Human Resources

PPP- 74 Time Clock Policy Statement for Non-Faculty Employees

pdf iconPPP- 74 Time Clock Policy Statement for Non-Faculty Employees


East Tennessee State University (ETSU) discourages the use of time clocks to record employee worked time.  However, if a time clock is considered essential in a particular work unit, approval must be requested through the unit’s Vice President to the Office of Human Resources.  Departments who are currently requiring employees to use a time clock must contact the Office of Human Resources at 423-439-5825 immediately for consultation.

When time clocks are used, these procedures must be followed:

  • Department supervisors are responsible for ensuring that time clocks function properly and that any malfunctions are immediately addressed by either repairing or replacing the time clock.
  • All employees in a work unit should be required to record their time in the same manner. However, the supervisor may designate some employee categories to record their time in a different manner so long as the method used is a University approved form or system.
  • Exempt employees may not be required to clock in and out to record worked time.
  • Employees may clock in ten (10) minutes prior to their beginning work time in order to prepare to begin their work at the appointed hour. These minutes are not compensated unless the employee actually begins working before his/her appointed time, and the time card is initialed by both the employee and supervisor to signify it was working time.
  • Each employee is required to clock out/in for their one (1) hour meal period.
  • Each employee is required to clock out/in for any non-work related tasks. Time worked is all time actually spent on the job performing assigned duties.
  • Each employee is required to clock out punctually at the end of their workday. Any time reflected on the time card in excess of five (5) minutes after the end of the normal work day shall be compensated.
  • Clocking in/out is not required during the two fifteen (15) minute rest periods each day.
  • Missed punches/punch should be reported to the supervisor immediately. Any adjustments to time clock punches must be initialed by both the employee and the immediate supervisor.
  • Altering, falsifying, and/or tampering with time records, including clocking in/out for another employee, will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
  • Time posted to the Time Reporting System (TRS) shall correspond exactly with those hours reflected on the employee’s time clock time card.
  • The employee and the supervisor shall sign each time clock time card, certifying that the time recorded as worked is true and accurate.
  • Time clock time cards shall be maintained in a secure manner, and retained per FP-15 Payroll Procedures.
  • Pay procedures must comply with ETSU policy as outlined in PPP-05 Pay Procedures.

Source:  Approved by President’s Council, November 10, 2010.

Reviewed on 3/17/16

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