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Employee Relations

Office of Human Resources

PPP-54 Policy for Charitable Organization Campaigns and Contributions

pdf icon PPP-54  Policy for Charitable Organization Campaigns and Contributions


Making Charitable Contributions

Giving is a matter of personal conscience and ability. For many, donations to a recognized agency campaign may be the major charitable contribution made during the year, while for others it is only part of their overall charitable contribution plan.

Contributions are accepted by payroll deductions for organizations which have met Tennessee Board of Regents' standards for voluntary contributions and the requirements of this policy. These organizations must provide direct and substantial health and human services to Tennessee Board of Regents employees, their families, and other Tennesseans and/or provide substantial financial support to health and human services agencies that provide significant services to Tennesseans and have a substantial presence in the State.

Enrollment Campaigns

East Tennessee State University will conduct one combined charitable fund drive in the fall of each year. All organizations registered with the TBR Central Office by September 1 of each year will be eligible to participate. The Office of Human Resources will coordinate the annual fund drive by assembling and mailing information to each employee. Human Resources will also receive pledges and pass that information to appropriate agencies. No agency will be allowed to solicit on campus.

Process to Establish Payroll Deductions

The Office of Human Resources will maintain a master list of eligible agencies which is available to all employees. This list is also maintained on the Tennessee Board of Regents Gopher Server, address: gopher:// Information about a particular agency may be obtained from the agency directly through telephone numbers provided in this listing.

  1. Organizations with current payroll deductions are "grandfathered" and will not require additional approval from the Central Office.
  2. New organizations must apply through the TBR Central Office to provide documentation and obtain approval for deductions. Organizations contacting ETSU directly will be provided a copy of attachment (1) to assist in their application to the TBR Central Office.  
  3. Newly approved organizations will be added to the TBR master list on a monthly basis.  
  4. The TBR Central Office has established a block of deduction codes for charitable organizations. A specific range will be assigned for core agencies which generally have System-wide deductions. The remainder of the codes will be assigned at ETSU's discretion.  
  5. Exceptions to this policy may be made by the President or his designee.

Methods of Contributing to Participating Charities

Employees may select a monthly deduction, which will commence with the last paycheck in January. Lump-sum contributions will be taken entirely from the last January paycheck.

  1. New employees may select monthly or lump-sum deductions. These payroll deductions will be taken from the paycheck at the end of the first full month of employment.
  2. Employees may contribute by personal check, either directly to an agency of their choice at addresses given on the back of the Pledge Form; or forwarding their check to the Office of Human Resources, with agencies designated on the Pledge Form.
  3. Employees who choose to contribute in cash may do so by bringing cash donations to the Office of Human Resources, along with a Pledge Form designating the agency of their choice.

Requirements and Limitations

  1. Newly approved organizations will be required to obtain a minimum of five (5) participants at ETSU in order to establish payroll deductions.
  2. Employees will be limited to three (3) payroll deductions for charitable organizations. Umbrella organizations, such as United Way or Community Health Charities of Tennessee, will be regarded as one deduction.

Designating an Organization or Agency for Charitable Deductions

  1. East Tennessee State University employees may utilize the attached payroll deduction authorization form to designate contributions to particular agencies or sub-agencies. Payroll deduction forms may be forwarded directly to ETSU Office of Human Resources, Box 70564, or they may be collected by Department Keypersons and provided to Human Resources at periodic reporting periods.
  2. East Tennessee State University does not inform participating charity agencies of the individual names of employees who designate their pledge. Employees who would like an agency to know of pledges designated under their names may send a copy of the completed authorization card to the agency. Personal checks may be forwarded directly to addresses provided in agency materials.

Attachments (Contact the Office of Human Resources):

(1) Charitable Organization Application for Payroll Deductions

(2) List of TBR Approved Charitable Organizations

(3) ETSU Charitable Organization Pledge Form

SOURCE: Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) Guideline P-140; TBR Presidents Meetings: May 1995; May 1996 

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