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Employee Relations

Office of Human Resources

PPP-55 Access of Guests to ETSU Campus

pdf iconPPP-55 Access of Guests to ETSU Campus


The campus and facilities of East Tennessee State University are restricted to students, faculty, staff and guests of the university, except when part or all of the campus, its buildings or facilities are open to the general public for a designated time and purpose. A "guest" of the university is a person invited by a student, official, or employee to visit the campus at a specific time and place. This policy is intended to promote the orderly conduct of activities on campus property and in campus facilities; to prevent interruption of or interference with normal missions, processes and functions of the university and to preserve residential tranquility. (TBR Policy No. 3:02:02:00)

In compliance with this policy, personal "guests" of university employees should restrict the length of their campus visits, except in emergency situations. Employees are not permitted to bring children into their workplaces for extended periods other than for scheduled functions. Frequent or lengthy visits of children may create disruptions in the workplace, and present liability to the university for their safety. If short-term childcare cannot be arranged, employees should take sick or annual leave, as appropriate, to accommodate their children during working hours.

Approved by University President March 11, 1999


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