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Employee Relations

Office of Human Resources

PPP-63A Guidelines for the Reassignment of Non-Tenured Employees During a Reduction-in-Force

pdf iconPPP-63A Guidelines for the Reassignment of Non-Tenured Employees During a Reduction-in-Force


Following the provisions of the Reduction-in-Force of Non-Tenured Employees policy, the University President has assigned the Office of Human Resources responsibility for coordinating the reassignment of employees.


  1. Upon completion of divisional analysis, restructuring and reassignments, each Vice President’s office will provide the University President with a Reduction-in-Force (RIF) plan for their area of responsibility.  The University President or his/her designee will prepare a draft RIF plan to be submitted to the TBR Central Office for review.  The Vice President’s divisional plans and the University President’s final plan, will include an explanation of the need for a reduction in force, the criteria used to determine which position or functions will be affected, which positions are being eliminated, and the impact or benefit to be derived from implementation of the RIF.  The plan will include organizational charts of the affected unit(s) both before and after the RIF, and profiles of the affected groups.  The profiles will include information on the age, sex, race and disability status of each individual, and all criteria used in making the RIF determinations, i.e., longevity, performance evaluations, qualifications, position functions, etc.  For positions being consolidated, updated job descriptions will be prepared and included.  The University President’s final plan to TBR will include statistical and numerical analysis of the impact on protected classes, before and after the RIF.
  2. Following approval of the University’s RIF plan by the University President and TBR’s Central Office, each Vice President’s office will provide the Office of Human Resources with a final list of all non-tenured employees to be displaced as a result of a work force reduction.
  3. The Office of Human Resources will provide a letter of notification to all affected employees explaining their Reduction-in-Force and the reassignment process.
  4. The Office of Human Resources will identify and maintain a list of all currently advertised position vacancies.  Positions becoming vacant during the reduction-in-force period will be reviewed for reassignment appropriateness prior to the positions’ being approved for advertisement.
  5. The Office of Human Resources will match displaced employees with position vacancies:
    1. Matches will be made based upon current position job descriptions and/or vacancy announcements.
    2. Employees must meet all minimum qualifications to be considered for a reassignment to a position vacancy.
    3. Employees will be matched to vacant positions based upon their potential to perform the position’s essential functions and if possible, to positions with similar title, level and/or salary. 
    4. Employees with unsatisfactory performance evaluations will not be recommended for interview or reassignment.
  6. The Office of Human Resources will nominate a candidate for each identified position vacancy.  Departments will interview the nominated employee.   If the employee is not selected, the department representative must submit written justification for the non-selection to the Office of Human Resources.  Human Resources will review the justification with the Office of Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity and make a recommendation to the Vice President for Administration before approving the position for advertisement.   The Vice President for Administration will be the final authority to approve advertising.
  7. The Office of Human Resources will assist all displaced employees with updating their university application and resume.
  8. Displaced employees will be granted reasonable leave, with or without pay to interview for other employment, on or off-campus.
  9. Reassigned employees will be placed under a 6-months probationary status in their new position, and will be evaluated in accordance with the University’s Employee Performance Evaluation Guidelines.
  10. The Office of Human Resources will prepare all written notifications of reassignments, issue appropriate employment contracts and provide benefits counseling to employees as required.  If unsuccessful in making appropriate reassignment matches, Human Resources will prepare and deliver final termination notifications, and provide final benefits counseling to affected employees.

Source:  Approved by Senior Staff March 10, 2003.


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