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Employee Relations

Office of Human Resources

PPP-72 Conflict of Interest Disclosure Review Committee

pdf icon PPP-72 Conflict of Interest Disclosure Review Committee


1.0 Establishment of a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Review Committee

The Committee has been formed, pursuant to TBR Policy 1:02:03:10.  The general responsibilities of this Committee are defined in TBR Policy 1:02:03:10.  Additional details associated with the Committee are defined herein.

2.0 Duties

  1. As described in TBR Policy 1:02:03:10, the committee shall evaluate conflict of interest disclosures, except as noted in 2.2 below, and make determinations  regarding what actions may be required to manage, reduce or eliminate conflicts of interest.  If a member of the committee is the subject of the disclosure, that person shall not be entitled to vote regarding disposition of the disclosure.
  2. All federal agencies and many private foundations that fund university projects by means of grants or contracts require that East Tennessee State University has responded to this requirement by implementing Faculty Handbook Policy 1.17, “Policy on conflict of interest for externally sponsored research, service or instruction.”  All university employees who submit grant proposals to external agencies must be aware of this policy. Potential conflicts governed by this policy will be reviewed by the Vice Provost for the University Standing Committee on Research and the Academic Freedom and Faculty Ethics.  Additionally, potential conflicts of interest arising in research with human subjects must be reviewed by one of the East Tennessee State University Institutional Review Boards.

3.0 Number of Members

The Committee shall consist of three members, with at least one member selected from the faculty and at least one member selected from administrative or support staff personnel.

4.0 Selection of members

Members of the Committee shall be as follows: Director of Human Resources (chair of the Committee), one member appointed by Faculty Senate, and one member appointed by Staff Senate.

5.0 Duration of Membership

The Director of Human Resources is a permanent member of the committee.  Faculty and Staff Senate appointees will be appointed for a one year term.  They may be appointed for successive terms.

6.0 Meetings

The committee shall meet as frequently as necessary to conduct its business, but no less than once per semester.

Source:  Tennessee Board of Regents Policy No. 1:02:03:10


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