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Fact Book 2006

Covering years 2006 - 2002

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Section I  General Information

I.1 Profile  
I.2 Statement of Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values 
I.3 Organizational Structure, July 1, 2006 
I.4 Accreditation/Approval   
I.5 Peer Institutions/Southern Conference Schools  
I.6 University Presidents/University Name Changes 

Section II  Student Information

II.1 Enrollment: Full-Time Equivalency, and Credit Hours Produced  
II.2 Enrollment: Undergraduate   
II.3 Enrollment: Graduate

II.4 Enrollment by Gender
II.5 Graphs - Gender Distribution
 | Undergraduate | Graduate
II.6 Enrollment by Race

II.7 Graphs - Race Distribution
  | Undergraduate | Graduate
II.8 Enrollment by Race, Career, and Status
II.9 Enrollment by Age and Class

II.10 Graphs - Age Distribution
 | Undergraduate | Graduate
II.11 Average Age by Classification
II.12 Enrollment by Tennessee Counties
II.13 Enrollment by SREB States
II.14 Enrollment by Countries
II.15 Enrollment by Major
II.16 Enrollment by Site
II.17 Admissions Applications
II.18 Student Financial Aid by Program
II.19 Fees
II.20 Major Feeder High Schools

Section IIA Transfer Student Information: First-Time-at-ETSU Undergraduate

IIA.1 Enrollment: Full-time Equivalency and Credit Hours Produced
IIA.2 Enrollment: First-Time-ETSU Undergraduate 
IIA.3 Enrollment by Gender
IIA.4 Enrollment by Race 
IIA.5 Enrollment by College
IIA.6 Enrollment by Residency
IIA.7 Enrollment by Age and Class
IIA.8 Average Age by Classification
IIA.9 Major Feeder Institutions
IIA.10 One Year Retention and Graduation Rates by Sex
IIA.11 One Year Retention and Graduation Rates by Risk
IIA.12 One Year Retention and Graduation Rates by Freshman, Sophmore, Junior, Senior
IIA.13 One Year Retention and Graduation Rates by Freshman, Sophmore, Junior

IIA.14 Transfer Institution Status

Section III  Student Information - James H. Quillen College of Medicine

III.1 Enrollment: M.D. Program 
III.2 Application Data for M.D. Program

III.3 Student Financial Aid by Program
III.4 Residency Program - Demographic Information

Section IV  Summer School 

IV.1 Enrollment Analysis 
IV.2 Enrollment by Race
IV.3 Enrollment by Gender
IV.4 Enrollment by Tennessee Counties

Section V  Degrees Conferred 

V.1 Graphs - Degrees Conferred | Undergraduate | Graduate 1 Graduate 2
V.2 Certificates and Degrees Conferred by College

V.3 Degrees Conferred by College by Taxonomy/Major Degree Program

V.4 Graduate Degrees by Program and Gender

V.5 Degrees Conferred by Gender
V.6 Degrees Conferred by Race

Section VI Retention and Graduation Rates 

VI.1 First-Time Full-Time Baccalaureate Degree-Seeking Freshmen 

 Section VII Faculty and Employee Information                           

VII.1 Full-Time Personnel by EEOC Classification  

Section VIII  University Libraries                           

VIII.1 University Libraries Summary of Library Holdings 
VIII.2 College of Medicine Summary of Learning Resources Holdings

Section IX  Financial Information 

IX.1-2 Current Funds Revenues, Fiscal Years/Current Funds Expenditures by Function 
IX.3 Statement of Expenditures and Transfers by Object

Section X  Residence Hall Data 

X.1 Residence Hall Data 

Section XI  Alumni Information 

XI.1 ETSU Alumni, Geographic Distribution/Current Residence by State 

Section XII  Sponsored Programs 

XII.1 Activity Report 
XII.2 Grant/Contract Proposals by Department
XII.3 Grant/Contract Awards by Department


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